Sunday, June 28, 2020

Summer vacation begins!

Home church continues into our pandemic summer.  One day, at church at the Campbells, there was an unwritten memo that everyone should wear stripes. I missed the memo, but my boys all got it. 
 We celebrated memorial day with a 10K bike ride in Julian Wash.  The smallest kids just went 5K and got picked up by Grandpa at the other end. It is not easy to get this many people in a selfie. 
 After the bike ride there was water time at Grandma's.  B and Ryan flooded the path to the shed and built an elaborate water city for their imaginary people. 
 When they were done they had to put the yard back together, which might have been less fun than building it, if they hadn't been fixing the yard together. 
 Sammy, B, and Eloise ordered some toy hatchimals.  We aren't going to stores right now, but they wanted some of these cute little animal toys to play with with their cousins, so I helped them order some, and they paid me for them when they came. 
 Sammy is very attached to his toys, and good at keeping track of all of the hatchimals by name and rarity. 
 This summer is definitely going to have a lot of water play in it. 
 We were all very excited about the SpaceX crewed dragon launch.  It was the first manned launch from U.S. soil since 2011.  It was scheduled for May 27, but the first launch attempt was scrubbed due to weather.  It was rescheduled for May 30.  We had a launch party. 
 After the launch Colette read a picture book of "Hidden Figures," and we watched the movie.  It was a great day for space exploration!
 The next day, Eloise, Megan, and I wore flower dresses without even talking to each other.  Every Sunday Eloise hopes she will dress like some of her cousins. 
Happy summer!

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