Sunday, June 7, 2020

Shadow the Black Morkin (a post by Jared)

We've accumulated a lot of photos of our dear dog Shadow over the years, but she never had a blog post to her name. Here goes nothing:

Her as a newborn puppy in Monroe (wasn't she cute?)
Her eating her dinner in her new house in Kirkland. Notice the blue food bowl, we got rid of it after she outgrew it.
 The puppies together in the Kitchenette
Here is Shadow in her Human costume.
 "Walk! Walk! We're going on a Walk! Wahoooooo!"
Shadow enjoyed playing in the snow 
Shadow enjoyed the trampoline because of the kids on it (but had to get off before her claws ripped a hole in it)
A fun walk/bike ride in the Big Finn Hill Woods
Shadow is staring at something.  What is it? Perhaps we shall never know.
The dear dog enjoyed getting an ice bucket (and emptying it all over the floor).
A friendly game of tug between His Majesty and his dog.
Followed by a nice nap. 
His Majesty and his faithful dog hanging out by the palace entryway.
 Ah, the dear pet in her bed in the corner. All in all, a dog's life is more fun than it's cut out to be.

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