Sunday, June 7, 2020

Second Half of February

Todd had his surgery on February 17.  I dropped him off, then went to class, leaving a little early to pick him up.  Todd handled being drugged for surgery like a comedian.  He was so funny.  He had just woken up when I got there to pick him up, and he was peeved that he had just been awakened from the best nap he had ever had.  He was so loopy.  He spent most of the ride home trying to persuade me that I should let him drive.  "You should let me drive! I'm fine! And it's traffic. . . traffic. . .  traffic. . . time?" Fat chance, buddy, and the phrase your brain is not currently accessing is "rush hour."  
Todd was weirdly happy for about 24 hours, and then he started to feel pain, but his medication did make funny things seem funnier.  He was lying in bed watching a tv show with headphones in and laughing until tears ran down his cheeks while I sat nearby reading constitutional law.  He paused the video and said, "I should stop watching this without you.  It is SO funny."  I never did manage to find out what the show was that had him in stitches.  Maybe it wasn't so funny in retrospect? Or maybe he just can't remember what it was called.  
His surgery wound was wrapped tight.  He hated the surgery cast because it made it hard to type with a thick wad of bandage on his palm.  We didn't get to unwrap it for two weeks, until February 28, when he got a hard cast, which he hated even more because it went way up his arm, stabilizing his wrist so that he couldn't move it and pull on the tendons attached to his thumb.  Pretty gnarly, huh?
The kids had two days off on February 20-21. I, of course, only had the Friday off.  The kids spent Thursday with cousins. On Friday we went to see Frozen 2 at the cheap theater, and then Colette took the older kids (Jared and Rachel) home and I took the rest of the kids to the zoo.  
 It's such a Tucson thing to have kids in flip flops in February. 
 Monkeys looking at monkeys. 
 Monkeys pretending to be turtles.
 Monkeys trying to weigh as much as an elephant.
 Monkeys riding an elephant.
 Flying monkeys riding an elephant.
 Monkeys trying to be king of the rock.
 Monkeys hatching. 
 Since we can't have our Sunday walk in the woods, we occasionally have our Sunday play time at the park.  Jared is really good at pogo sticking.  His goal is always to beat me, and he usually succeeds. 
 Eloise gets pretty fancy for church.  She grew out of her old Sunday shoes, and was very excited about her new ballet flats. 
 We experimented with levitating. 
 Sometimes with success. 
 Todd had a week long work retreat in Atlanta.  His company has a 100% remote workforce, but they like to get together once a year. 
 Todd had been struggling a little bit with working remotely.  He likes to think he isn't social, but he had missed personal interaction.  This week in Atlanta cheered him up a lot. 
 We marked his absence with dinner at Denny's.  It was greasy, and they were playing a show on the TV that was not really child friendly, so I'm not in a hurry to go back there.  I just needed a change from hamburgers. 
 While Todd was still gone, on February 27, Grandma watched the other kids while Sammy and I went to kindergarten roundup.  Sammy was really excited to see friends from church and from preschool there.  He is very excited to be a kindergartener next year. 
 The kindergarten teachers had activities in their classrooms and handed out treats, so Sammy got a pretty clear picture of what kindergarten is like, and he is ready. 

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