Monday, June 1, 2020

School Pictures

Homecoming at the U of A was the first weekend in November.  I was excited to bring my family to show them my school.  The kids were excited, too.  They found out that my 1L group has a person named Harry in it, so they were 100% convinced that law school is Hogwarts before they even met Will, a member of my group who grew up in England.  When they saw the suspended staircase in the library, that sealed the deal.  I've been elevated in my kids' eyes because I go to Hogwarts.   
 B wanted his picture taken with Marit, another member of my 1L group, who he met when she came to dinner at our house in October. 
 Eloise ended up missing out on law school homecoming because she threw up in the night beforehand.  I don't know what it is about Arizona, but the kids have caught more stomach bugs here in a few months than we had in all of our time in Washington.  Jared was very excited to come to the law school to hear oral argument in front of some Arizona supreme court justices, but he ended up being down and out, too sick to come. 
 We are so thankful to have Grandma and Grandpa's back yard to relax in.  Here Todd is taking a break from working full time, learning to be the at-home parent, travelling back and forth to Seattle every month, and interviewing like crazy for a new job that would support remote work.  There was not a lot of relaxation time for him between August and February. 
 The kids broke out their heelys shoes since we live in a land of sidewalks now. 
 The great thing about these is that you can wear them to ride your bike to the park, then heely around on all the sidewalks and bike home. 
 We went to the skate park one day when it was fairly deserted (the only time that it is safe to take kids) while Todd was in Washington.  Sammy was pretty much over these roller skates.  He was ready to tackle rollerblading. 
 According to tradition, we went out to eat while Daddy was travelling.  I let the kids pick, so we ended up at McDonald's.  Having the school fundraiser there made it a magical place for these kids, who are not very discerning in their food tastes. 
 We missed the first school picture day, since the kids started school three weeks late.  When you get your pictures taken on retake day, there's no turning back.  I think someone must have told Jared not to blink.  This picture makes all of us laugh.   Jared in 5th grade:
 B in 1st grade:
 Eloise in 3rd grade:
 While pictures were on our mind, we decided to go to the temple and get some updated temple pics of each kid.  Todd and I took turns going inside and hanging out with this crew. 
 Eloise's new thing is wearing tube socks.  She says they are the only ones that are comfortable, so she wears them all the time.  If you can't tell which kid is Eloise, most likely she is the one with the skinny chicken legs sticking out of the high socks. 
Jared pointed out that he was only fourteen months away from being old enough to go inside the temple, since policy changes in our church have now opened temples to kids at the beginning of the year when they will turn twelve.  Jared dressed up in anticipation of that exciting event. 

 Photography is harder where the sun always shines.  The light is much more even with the constant cloud cover of Seattle.
We love to see the temple!  The Tucson temple will always be special to us, since we spent so many years praying it into existence for ourselves and for Todd's family, and because we made a very hot trip one June to see the inside of the temple before it was dedicated and closed to the public.  We are always happy to be in this peaceful place.

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