Friday, June 5, 2020

Happy New Year 2020!

Welp, we made it to 2020.  The year started nice and warm.  B needed a picture of himself for a craft at school, so we did a little playground photo shoot.  
And since the weather was beautiful, and we had our new Christmas toys, we brought them to the park to practice. 
We also brought cousins for a kickball game. 
Before Grandma Jill went home from her after Christmas visit, we went to Golf-n-Stuff for a game of very miniature golf (since a miniature golf course is too long to hold our attention for the full round) and some bumper boats. 
Thanks for visiting, Mom!  We can't wait to have you come again.  We will be sure to keep the karaoke machine out again so that you can listen to little boy "music" in the microphone for your entire visit.  Just kidding!  We really do want you to visit again. 
My kids wanted to go to the movies.  Frozen 2 was in the theater, but Jared objected, so we went to see "Spies in Disguise," which ended up being very charming.  We brought Ryan. 
In December my friend Karen and Katie invited me to be on their relay team for the Run Around Tucson the first weekend in January.  Tucson has a loop trail that goes around the whole city.  Our team was called "Your Mom Squad."  My ward also had a team in the race, "Going for Just Okay," so it was fun to run with a lot of people I knew.  The day started out really cold, but it got warm by the time I ran my leg, right past our house.  My team stopped at our house to use the bathroom and change clothes, since bathroom facilities were limited at most of the exchange points. 
While I was gone with the relay team all day, Todd assembled our new bunk bed.  Jared and Eloise had about a foot between their two beds, and their room was not functional, so we needed an upgrade.  My mom went furniture shopping with me while she was visiting, and the furniture got delivered after she left. 
Here is Jared in his natural habitat.  If you look closely, Eloise is also in this picture, although she is camouflaged to blend in with her environment. 
The kids went back to school on January 6.  I still had a week and a half before I went back, so I met up with a friend to go to the movies one morning and watch the new "Little Women."  Later, Sammy and I went to the zoo.  
We went with my law school friend, Cait, who is a fantastic person. 
Cait brought B and Sammy a couple of her old beanie babies, so they got out every other animal in the house and introduced them. 
Don't worry, Cait, your lovies are well cared for here.  
Sammy and Ryan dressed alike.  I think this might have been an accident, although Ryan does sometimes call in the morning to coordinate his day's plans with B, Sammy, and Jared, or to invite them to dig holes in the back yard with him. 
Sammy started figuring out rollerblading.  Slowly but surely. 
While the kids were all in school, Todd and I went on an adult sized hike.  We weren't really planning on any specific distance, so eight miles later. . . And I only got us slightly lost on the way back. All the cactus start to look the same after a while. 
Jared's science grade for the quarter was based on a science project that he was supposed to be doing in stages, but he lost the paperwork promptly when he got it, and never replaced it until after Christmas break. Jared got to do some science cramming in January. 
It was torture, but he made it.  He wasn't a huge fan of me taking his photo at the science fair.  His school did a family STEM night instead of just hosting a science fair, which was very cool.  We looked at the kids' exhibits, and then we got to go to some classrooms and see pyrotechnic demonstrations by U of A chemistry students, and learn about electricity from Tucson Electric Power using live wires.  It was very cool.  
I've had the privilege of serving in our ward relief society presidency.  A ward is like a parish- a geographical boundary for our congregation.  Relief Society is the world's largest women's organization.  I've been a part of Relief Society since I turned 18, but this is my first time in leadership, and it's challenging!  This is a meeting we had with the stake (larger organization with multiple wards) relief society presidency.  Our ward presidency is on the left.  The three ladies on the right are from the stake.  We got together to plan some things and prepare for upcoming events in the new year. 
This is a fun bunch of ladies.  We keep laughing together, which makes our work a lot easier. 
That brings us halfway through January, and to the end of my winter break. 

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