Monday, June 8, 2020

Happy Birthday, Sammy!

This year Sammy turned five years old.  His birthday fell on crazy hair spirit day at his siblings' elementary school, and, since school is not at school anymore, Sammy was a full participant.  Sammy got this Narwhal for his birthday, which he named Nari, later shortened to Nai.  Nai went everywhere with Sammy in April.  The first thing he wanted to do was introduce Nari to Cutie, his cuddly dog.  
 Of all of these little goofballs, Sammy may be the goofiest.  Eloise says Sammy is the happy guy, Eloise is the safety patrol, B has the imagination, and Jared is the big nerd.  I don't know what we would do without any of these characters.  Sammy has a very special place in this family. 
 For his birthday, Sammy had been planning to have a party with friends from school.  He wanted to have a monster party, then he realized that Grandma and Grandpa were putting up their swimming pool on April 1, so he wanted a water party, then he wanted a superhero party for a minute.  In the end, the friends couldn't be invited because of coronavirus isolation, so we did a sea monster party with cousins during the afternoon portion of school.  As I was brainstorming how to make sea monster cupcakes, I realized that this creative group of kids would be happy to do all of that work for me.  We did have some very creative sea monsters. 

 Sammy's sea monster had a lot of eyes.  Sammy is not afraid of monsters.  He might be part monster. 
 Cupcakes were eaten, "Happy Birthday" was sung, and the kids spent a happy hour in the pool, even though the water was still pretty cold. 
Sammy came home afterwards and set up his new Paw Patrol game, organized his animals into teams, and had them play against each other.  Happy birthday, little man!
 The first weekend of April is our church's General Conference.  All of our regular church meetings are cancelled (Ha! This year our regular church meetings had already been cancelled due to the public health emergency), and we get a chance to hear from a living prophet and apostles.  Typically, thousands of people gather in person to hear a prophet speak, but this year is not typical.  No one was allowed to attend in person except for the few who would be speaking.  All of the music was prerecorded.  It was beautiful, but very different.  Between sessions we went to the neighborhood park and got some wiggles out.  We saw a giant lizard.  I would like to say that Jared is protecting Eloise from the lizard, but, the fact is, Jared and Eloise like to occupy exactly the same piece of real estate at all times. 
Case in point: 
 When B and Ryan got tired of running in circles, playing 500 with a frisbee, tag, and soccer, they retreated to the shade under the playground so B could get nice and dirty. 
 For Sunday General Conference we had a solemn assembly.  We put on our Sunday best (sans shoes) to participate with members of our church around the world in a solemn moment of praise and gratitude to God.  It was a really special and important moment. 
 I got Sammy and B these shirts with sequins that can be flipped from silver to blue.  They love them.  They are fascinated with flippy shirts, but we haven't seen a lot of designs for boys.  Bonus: I got them for $2 each on clearance. 
Happy birthday, Sammy-man!  I'm so glad you are on my quaran-team. 

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