Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Happy birthday and happy Thanksgiving!

Happy birthday, Benjamin!  B turned seven on November 19.
Aunt Colette made his birthday cake, since he was sharing his family party with Rachel, who turned 12 on November 20.  Colette is in charge of all of the gluten free baking for family events.  He wanted a rocket and a pogo stick.  B has been fascinated with pogo sticks since he saw some girls do a pogo routine at our ward talent show.  The rocket is because of our new family preoccupation with SpaceX launches.  
 We will never take proximity to cousins and grandparents for granted.  It's amazing to have such a supportive crew to celebrate every occasion.
 B is a sweet little alien with a silly streak and a huge, generous heart. 
 B wanted to have a party with friends, but our circle of acquaintances in Arizona is pretty small since we didn't move in very long ago. 
 So we met the Hoefferles at a park near their house and partied with them.  It wasn't the group of fellow seven year olds that B envisioned, but they are great friends.  We launched stomp rockets and ate cupcakes. 
 Right after B's birthday comes Thanksgiving.  The kids love to hear the story of when B was born, and how mad Jared was that B came before Thanksgiving instead of after Thanksgiving as I had promised.  Apparently a three year old never forgets. 
Eloise and Annie love to cook, so I invited them to be my pie crew for Thanksgiving. 
 They did a great job, and I love having enthusiastic helpers. 
 Of course, while we were baking, we had to make treats for the end of the Tucson Thanksgiving Turkey Trot.  This year we made cupcakes decorated to look like turkeys.  This is the fabulous decorating crew. 
 Since no one actually cares how fast they go on our turkey trot, plenty of breaks were taken.  This praying mantis on the trail needed some attention for sure. 
 We got matching lime green t-shirts so we can keep track of the crew when we are out and about together.  Colette got "Knight Adventures" printed on all of them.  We managed to get all of the kids except Rachel into this picture.  Happy Thanksgiving! 
 In between all of the other things we were doing, we went to see a few houses, just in case we could find a house that would be a better fit for our family while I'm in law school.  Todd wants to be neighbors with Dan, which would be pretty sweet.  We are also a little worried about driving Grandma and Grandpa Knight crazy with all of our dropping in since they are across the street from us.  We made an offer, but backed out when it didn't feel right. 
 Thanksgiving ending means Christmas is coming! 
 This seven year old goof was excited to explore the decorations. 
 Our pre-Christmas festivities were pretty low key with me in school and Todd interviewing, and it was very strange to have the sun shining so brightly in the lead up to winter, but we are making memories and loving every minute. 

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