Sunday, June 7, 2020

First Half of February

February arrived with clear skies and sunshine.  We went to the private park on a Saturday morning to practice our skateboarding, tennis, soccer. . . 
. . . nest building. . .
 dog walking, and general fun.  We are getting pretty good at this fun business. 
 We are also pretty good at funny business.  These are some Sunday afternoon shenanigans.  Undies Party!!!
 Here is Jacob goofing off.  We love having Sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  The kids all eat in the kitchen and the adults eat in the dining room so we can hear each other.  Every week Jacob tells Todd and Justin, "You should know that I kissed your sister. . . on the lips!"  He says it so often that I told him we are going to make sure it is on his grave stone. 
 We still have our eyes open for a house with a pool, even though moving sounds like it would be horrible.  We went to see a house nearby that had weird patchwork tile and a dog door in the wall.  It wasn't terrible, but the price was a silly markup from the value of the house, and the bedrooms were pretty small.  I'd say the real deal breaker for me on that house was the walk through bathroom.  I can never feel comfortable in a bathroom that opens on both ends.  The kids loved exploring/crawling through the dog door, but we passed on this one. 
 As a Christmas present, Grandma Knight got us a groupon for an escape room.  We went on February 8 while Grandma watched all the kids.  We didn't make it out, but we had a lot of fun. 
 Later that day, Todd went mountain biking for the first time in Arizona. . . and possibly the last time ever.  Just kidding, kind of.  He wiped out in some sand, caught himself on some rocks, and broke his thumb dramatically, shredding the tendons.  He came home laughing about it (adrenaline), and trying to act like it was no big deal, but he tried to pick up his water bottle with that hand and couldn't control his thumb at all, so I sent him to urgent care.  Sure enough, he was going to need surgery to repair it.  It was his first week at his new job, too.  Todd had an extra challenging February. 
 Jared loves to wear his best for church.  I can't believe he is ten years old.  He looks so tiny in this picture. 
 Sammy has his own sense of style.  He isn't convinced that shorts weather doesn't last all year.  It was chilly in the mornings when I took him to preschool, so. . . leg warmers, to the rescue! He inherited this Spiderman bike from Ryan, and he loves it.  It's a great way to get to school. 
 February is the month of love. Our ward had a Valentine's day dance.  I had very early mornings this semester as I tried to get some exercise, find time to do all of my reading for classes, and take care of kids, so the dance starting at 8 put it right around my tired hours.  We didn't last very long, but it was fun to play games with some friends. 
 Every year Vail School District has a giant event at the Pima County Fairgrounds called Vail Pride Day.  All of the students get to showcase artwork, participate in academic contests, perform with bands and orchestras, and try a lot of fun STEM activities.  Jared and Eloise were performing with band and chorus, so we got there bright and early.  They did a great job.  Then the younger kids participated in a short race.  Ryan won, and B got third place. 
 This was a really cool event.  There were fire trucks to climb on and explore, food trucks, free books for kids, the fun bus- we really could have entertained ourselves here all day. 
 Jared was part of an academic jeopardy team for the fifth grade at his school.  They competed against other fifth graders from around the district.  It was a pretty tense competition at the beginning.  His group was too slow with the buzzer for the first few questions, and started falling behind.  Then trigger-happy Jared got the buzzer, and they pulled ahead for a close win! Jared thought his school picture this year was so funny that he likes to do his deer in the headlights look for every photo now. 
 While Jared was waiting his turn for academic jeopardy, the other kids participated in an egg drop.  All the eggs broke, but they got this ridiculously large ribbon for participating. 
 Then we had to see all of the displays of the kids' work.  This is Eloise's class's animal report display.  Eloise wrote her report about a peregrine falcon. 
We went home with our arms overloaded with swag and smiles on our faces.  Jared had to go back later in the afternoon to be recognized for his academic jeopardy win.  This was an awesome kid-focused event that really did make me proud to be a part of these great schools. 

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