Sunday, June 28, 2020

Elementary school graduation

School work was over! Can you blame these kids for having huge smiles?  Jared and Eloise got pins for their participation in band and chorus.  
 Some things opened up in Arizona, so we signed up for swim lessons and swim team at Sunshine Swim School.  The city of Tucson did not plan to open the city pools anytime soon, so we needed a way to be in the water regularly. 
Here is the swim lesson crew.  They started lessons all in the same class, so it was easy to be socially distant from other people. 
 School work stopped coming from school, so we pulled out our summer workbooks.  Sammy is REALLY excited about starting school. 
 We went to the preschool to pick up Sammy's work, and his teachers had put together a care package for all of the students.
Jared was a third place winner in a statewide stock market competition, so he participated in a zoom recognition ceremony.  It was interesting for the rest of us to watch the ceremony, but the kids had to sit in a zoom waiting room until it was their turn to be recognized, and they didn't get to watch the rest of the ceremony.  We are proud of Jared.  He worked really hard this year.  
 During the last week of school work, we used art time to make a couple of piñatas for our end of school year celebration/ McKenzie's birthday party. 
 Colette borrowed a kid wash from some neighbors.  The kids had a blast running through it. 
 Eloise and Annie helped Colette decorate fox cupcakes for Kenzie, whose tenth birthday coincided with our end of school year. 
 Eloise tried a warhead candy from the piñata right after she ate a hot dog.  Bad idea.  She gagged and almost threw up. 
 After our celebration we all watched a prerecorded kindergarten graduation ceremony for Megan. 
The next night was a prerecorded elementary school graduation ceremony for Jared. 
 Jacob brought eegees, and Todd previewed the ceremony so we could skip to the parts relevant to Jared.  There are 800 kids in their elementary school, so there were a lot of 5th graders who had to have their names read.  It was very convenient to be able to skip a lot of them, and only watch the part with Jared's class.
 Jared tried to reenact the face he made for school pictures this year.  Colette made him a homeschool graduation certificate because the one that came from the school was printed in comic sans, and Jared didn't feel like that font was appropriate for the gravity of the occasion. 
 With all of the sugar in their bodies, the kids were feeling festive. 
School is out and summer vacation is here!

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