Thursday, June 4, 2020


Everything in December is about Christmas, or else it should be. B had his first grade Christmas program on a stage at a local high school on December 4.  He wore a plaid shirt, so he wanted Daddy and Sammy to wear plaid shirts, too.  
Selfies while we wait for the program to start. 
This was a great program! Mrs. Gerbi is a fantastic music teacher.  B got to stand on the edge of the group because he has trouble focusing in the middle, which was good news for us because it made him easy to see.  B has a wonderful team of teachers this year who are committed to helping him succeed.  B was diagnosed with ADD in the fall, so it is a blessing to have teachers who understand the challenges, but still keep their expectations high for B's big brain. 
Most Fridays Sammy and I get the other kids off to school, do a couple of chores at home, then go to exercise class at the church and get groceries.  Then Sammy takes his lunch box over to Grandma and Grandpa's to eat (because he misses his grandparents when he doesn't see them) while I unload groceries.  Sometimes, though, we have to go to law school together for a review session, some writing help, or a meeting, while the other kids are in school.  Fridays are free grilled cheese sandwich day at the institute of religion, and, somehow, there ends up being donuts at a lot of law school Friday events, so Sammy is always happy to go to law school.  December isn't just Christmas this year, it's finals, too. 
One day we went to a writing space, and Sammy sat watching Wild Kratts while most of my legal writing class worked on writing memos.  Sammy laughed out loud at his show once, and the mood in the entire room lifted. I love this picture of Sammy sitting with Kevion and Kevin.  
December means Christmas shopping.  Eloise wanted a big stuffed unicorn, so B and Sammy helped me pick one out.  I'm sure Eloise would have loved this one, but it was a little too big for me.  I don't think a stuffed animal should need its own bedroom. 
Sammy decided that roller skates are for babies and took up rollerblading.  Our house in Washington didn't have sidewalks, but we live in sidewalk land now.  This is a perfect place to get good at the roller blades. 
B loves to draw.  His teacher realized that he loves to draw, and started having him draw or write something to express his overwhelming feelings.  B liked this strategy so much that he brought it home.  Here are some eyebrows he drew to express himself.  I believe they started out sad, but then he turned them over and they became very surprised, which made him laugh and turned his mood upside down. 
These two are my snuggle bugs.  I hope they never decide that my lap is too small for both of them. 
Look! An Eloise and a Jared in their natural habitat.  Clearly our Washington beds are not a great fit for our Arizona rooms. 
December means service.  For the past few years Colette's family has done a sock drive in their classrooms, collecting socks for foster kids.  With three additional classrooms this year we were able to collect a new record number of socks for kids in need.
Classes ended, so Todd and I had some free time to pick up lunch together during the day.  We tried a nearby taco joint, but we weren't very impressed.  It's worth driving a little to get higher quality Mexican food. 
December means it's not too hot outside. We went hiking a couple of times in the desert.
This is proof that Eloise once let me do her hair.  Once.
Jared's class went to Star Base at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in the fall.  They did a lot of awesome science, and Jared loved it.  They had an awards ceremony where they showed pictures of the activities.  Each student was recognized.  The teachers read each child's name and what they want to be when they grow up.  A lot of kids want to be veterinarians or youtubers, but Jared was the only fifth grader in his school who wants to be a particle physicist. 
I love this little nerd. 
We discovered a private park nearby that is open to the public on weekends, but tends to be completely vacant.  It's a good place to practice tennis, skateboarding, rollerblading, soccer, kickball. . . whatever we can get enough people together to do.  This looks like a game of 500. 
B and Jared had a piano recital.  They did a great job. 
B drew a picture of our new house as it appears from the street.  It's very accurate.  Most of the view is garage door, with a side path to the front door, and two window "eyes" above the garage.  One of the windows has a dark screen and the other one doesn't.  B is an artist.
We went for another hike through the desert.  We have sun on our heads, sand in our shoes, and cactus in our hearts.
This is us imitating an interesting saguaro cactus.  I think our interpretation is pretty accurate.

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