Thursday, June 4, 2020

Christmas Shenanigans

Everyone was finally out of school, and finals were over by December 23, so we went to Winterhaven with the whole family.  
We were not disappointed.  We even ran into the Hoefferles and Boerups there.  It turns out that Tucson is actually a small town. 
Merry Christmas!
For Christmas Eve we got together and had our annual reenactment of the story of Jesus's birth.  It might have been more peaceful if all of the kids had not been competing to be the center of attention. 
The pageant was chaos, but we all sit in a circle afterwards, and each person got a candle.  We went around the circle lighting each others' candles and sharing one reason we are thankful for Jesus Christ.  This was much more successful in bringing in the spirit of the season.   
The kids each opened a Christmas Eve present before we went home and tried to sleep. 
Todd made sure to make the kids wait and wait and wait on Christmas morning before he let them go downstairs.  That's the fun part of being a parent. 
We got lots of outside toys this year, since December is the right time of year to play outside here.  Sammy was in love with his skateboard from Aunt Cheyenne's family. 
It joined him for meals and slept with him until it went through a wall and got banned from the house. 
Then he had to skate outside.  Our family got the pogo sticks that B and Eloise had been waiting for.  B was frustrated that he didn't figure it out immediately, but all of the kids became champion jumpers pretty quickly.  
Grandma Jill sent a karaoke machine.  I'm sure she was thinking of our love of music and not of how quickly little boys will start amplifying fart noises when they have a microphone. 
Fortunately, Grandma Jill came to spend a week with us after Christmas, so she got to enjoy all the uses of the microphone.  We took her to the U of A to see the law school.  The kids got hungry, and the only place open was the cafe in the bookstore.  They didn't mind. 
Of course the cold weather arrived with Grandma Jill.  It wasn't northern Utah winter cold, but we weren't exactly toasty outside.  We even got some winter rain. 
We used some of our free time to make a piñata for our New Year's Eve party.  I had to document this moment because Megan doesn't typically let her hands get messy on purpose.  About thirty seconds after I took this photo, Megan started to feel like she had paper mache glue in her armpit, so she touched it and got paper mache glue in her armpit.  She ended up with a wardrobe change, and her piñata work was over. 
Grandma had a membership at the Flandrau Planetarium that expired at the end of the year, so we went for a laser light show and to see the exhibits.  It turns out that I do not like laser light shows.  The music was too loud, and my poor strabismus eyes only work 85% well together, so the depth illusions of the light gave me a headache.  I closed my eyes partway through and kept them closed.  The kids liked it, though. 
Eloise and Grandma Jill spent ages doing this interactive habitat exhibit while the boys gambled with surviving a shark attack. 
We fit in a zoo visit.  Reid Park Zoo is the right size/ these kids are finally old enough to see the whole zoo in one visit. 

We had a New Year's Eve party with our whole clan, plus some friends from church and school. We got the karaoke machine out, and the noise level was insane.
We rang in the new year at 8, smashed our piñata in the back yard, and set off fireworks.
 I gave Jared a budget and let him pick out fireworks, which ended up landing us with an absurd amount of fireworks.  I have learned my lesson.  Next time he gets assigned a number of fireworks instead.  Fortunately we didn't light anything on fire
2019 was a year of changes and challenges for us.  I don't think we ever imagined at the beginning of the year that we would end it in a new home in Arizona.  Bring on 2020!

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