Saturday, June 6, 2020

Back to our usual extraordinary life

January 18 is Colette's birthday.  We had a party.  We don't need an excuse to get this crew together, but the cake was a nice addition.  
 Happy birthday, Colette! We are happy you were born.
 We decided to explore a new trail in Vail. This is a portion of the Arizona trail, which runs all the way from the Mexican border to Utah.  This hike was all about finding interesting rocks.  This area is very rich in minerals. The boys took off their hats and filled them with rocks.  It was difficult to part with all of those great rocks when it was time to get in the car.
 Ryan's basketball team was getting a group rate for a U of A women's basketball game, so we took the crew.  The guy in the bottom of the picture is Vince, Cait's boyfriend.  Cait is a huge fan of women's basketball, so she met us at the game.  The Arizona women won!  They have a great team this year.
 For Christmas Grandma Knight gave us a groupon to go bowling.  The groupon included pizza.  Ten kids can inhale a table full of pizza with incredible speed.  We had a great time.
 B was caught in the ACT at school!  ACT stands for Are respectful and trustworthy, Care about each other, and Take responsibility.  He was recognized for staying on task and being a helper in his class.  I'm proud B for being a good citizen. 
Eloise tested into the gifted program and started doing gifted student enrichment in January. She got in just in time to go on the gifted student field trip.  They were doing a unit on designing toys, so they had a field trip to a boutique toy store, where they got to experiment with some of the games and toys.  They did the field trip on a Friday so I got to go as a chaperone. 
They got a talk from the proprietor about how she selects toys, and they explored the shop to learn about marketing.  This was a really cool field trip. 
For Eloise's toy design she wanted to make something educational, so she designed a card game that uses math, but it's fun, too.  I'm glad I got to be a part of Eloise's field trip. 

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