Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Astro Camp in a Box

Since we can't go to summer camp this year, and it would be irresponsible to travel, we got our summer astro camp experience mailed to us in a series of boxes.  We get to do the activities in the boxes at our leisure, so we haven't been getting through them very quickly, with so much swimming to be done every day, but we have loved the things we have done.  
 Sammy had the idea of making his ping pong ball and motion machine look like a magic trick. 
 So then B had to hide the motion machine and suspend his ping pong ball in midair. 
 T-shirts came in the week 2 boxes.  It's the same shirt design that we got at junior astronaut camp, if it looks familiar. 
 One of our favorite activities so far has been rocket making.  We followed the instructions carefully, forming our paper tubes around a piece of PVC pipe.  The nose cones are definitely the hardest part.  Eloise named hers "The Greased Lightning." B's was "X-B 13," and Sammy's was "The Hawk."  Jared abstained from making one, since he doesn't care for finicky work with scissors and tape.  I named mine, "Hold On Tight!"  Eloise thought of naming hers "Of Course I Still Love You," after the SpaceX drone ship, but then we were afraid it might think it should be a ship instead of a rocket, and we wanted it to fly. 
 The instructions said to fit a piece of bicycle tire tubing over the end of the PVC pipe, and then put the other end of the tire tubing over the top of a two liter bottle.  We couldn't find a two liter bottle anywhere, but the idea was the same as our stomp rocket setup, so we fitted the PVC pipe and bike tube onto it, and had a great time launching.  We used Grandma and Grandpa's back yard, since they have more space than we have.  I would have gone to the park, but it was over 100 degrees already, and I wanted a quick retreat to air conditioning.  Grandma took pity on a group of poor, sweltering scientists, and brought out cups of frozen slush, her special summer drink.  It tastes like heaven. 
 Since the rockets were made out of paper, I wasn't sure they would make it through more than one launch, but they flew great!  We got to launch them over and over and over, until two of them were stuck on the roof and we were all too hot to continue. 
 This has been our favorite of our astro camp box activities so far, but we have two boxes we haven't even opened yet, so the fun will continue. 
While this isn't quite as great as doing astro camp in person, but it's a lot of fun!

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