Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A very extra super long summer!

Tucson has gotten hotter and hotter through the month of June. Swimming is an everyday essential activity for us.  My kids aren't sure swimming is fun without cousins.  Fortunately they rarely have to experience swimming with just each other.  Sammy watches his cousins closely so that he can imitate them.  Sammy hasn't quite mastered freestyle in swim lessons yet, but he busted out a pretty good approximation of butterfly at one lesson, much to the astonishment of his teacher.  
 Peyton had a birthday, and kitties are her one great love.  We went swimming at Manny's, and then we went next door for cake at Colette's. 
 The party had to be pretty quick, since we had it on a swim team day, and all of the kids except for the three youngest are on the swim team. 
 Eloise has a book of ideas for adventurous girls.  She used it to make a fan fort. 
 The sheet is inflated by fans at both ends.  It's breezy, but effective.
 Sammy got some hand me down dress-ups from Ryan.  He came downstairs after making a sword and shield for himself and announced, "I'm a fully Knight!" 
 Ryan got baptized on June 20!  He turned 8 years old in March, but churches were shuttered right around the time of his birthday as the world combats coronavirus, and we didn't have permission to use the church for baptisms until June. The group attending was limited to 20 people, which was just enough for both sets of his grandparents and all of the local relatives (except Marie, who had to work). 
Two days later, the Campbells left for a family reunion, and we were left to fend for ourselves for entertainment.  It was a long week without them.  We broke up the week with a day trip to Patagonia Lake with Grandma and Grandpa.  It was a very hot day, so the lake felt just right.  Todd even took the afternoon off to come with us. 
 I packed lunch, but Grandma brought cookies, so she is the kids' favorite.  Eloise stepped on a bee next to the water.  She was fine.  There were a lot of bees, though, which kept us on edge since Grandpa Knight is allergic. 
 Grandma brought an inflatable raft which we had tons of fun with. 
 It was a great day at the beach.  The one drawback was that it was fairly crowded.  We had to be conscientious about maintaining social distance from other beach-goers.  We were thinking of going again the next week, but with Arizona becoming the worst state in the nation for coronavirus, we decided to wait until after the 4th of July week in the hopes that the beach would be less crowded. 
Transformation time!  B and Sammy were ready for a new look.
 Sammy chose his hair length based on the color of the clippers, so he ended up quite short.  I think this haircut is just right for summer. 
B was not in such a hurry to give up all of his hair, so he didn't go quite so short.
 He is still a handsome little dude. 
 Sammy and Eloise had a little Sunday morning fun with snowballs.  Snow angel! 
 Sammy made crowns for his animals.  We love having so much time to be creative. 
We just learned that we are going to have a few extra weeks of creative free time.  The Vail School District board voted to delay the start of school for three weeks, since they were scheduled to begin classes on July 20, and, with the state of public health, it's impossible to know how to safely reopen so soon.  The new start date was announced for August 10.  Two days later, Arizona's Governor Ducey partially shut the state down again, and mandated that in-person instruction can't start at K-12 schools until August 17, which is the same day I start my semester.  I'm not sure how or when everything is going to start, but we are glad to have a little bit of extra summer to make up for last summer.  Last summer the kids got out of school in Washington at the end of June, and started school two weeks into the school year in Arizona at the beginning of August. 
Enjoy the rest of this very extra summer!

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