Sunday, May 31, 2020


Spirit shirts came! Jared did not love that his school's colors are purple and teal.  He got a shirt, but he refused to wear it if he was going to match with anyone else.  Forging a singular identity is very important to Jared.  
 Our elementary school had a community service day.  After the McDonald's night, I should not have been surprised that hundreds of people came to pull weeds, landscape, paint picnic tables, paint games on the ground, paint the portable buildings, clean things, and beautify the school, but I was surprised.  I was also surprised at the teachers handing stencils and spray paint to the kids and letting them go crazy with painting the ground in the breezeways between buildings. 
 It's amazing to be part of such a community.  The way they turn out to take care of the school makes me feel really good about the support system our kids have. 
 October means Halloween.  I was not making any costume plans for Halloween, since I was up to my eyeballs in school work every day, but Sammy preferred this Marshall costume from Paw Patrol anyway.  Eloise had her heart set on being Voldemort, which would have worked fine with Jared's old reaper costume, but he wanted to be a reaper again, so we had to hunt up another black robe.
 B wanted to be an astronaut.  Watching SpaceX launches and tests is our new family hobby, along with astronomy, since we have so much sky here. 
 Weird brothers.  Is Jared actually licking B in this photo?
 The weekend after the community service day, we had a community picnic at another elementary school.  It was all about the bouncy castle for us. 
 Annie turned 9.  We got her a t-shirt that says "I'm just here for the candy."  If you are what you eat, Annie is 100% sugar. 
 I ordered Eloise a dress, since hers all had long sleeves or were getting too short.  It turned out to be almost identical to Aunt Colette's dress. 
 We carved pumpkins.  Somehow the bulk of this tradition always seems to fall on me. 
 I get lots of help with design work, though. 
 I think we made some fine pumpkins. 
 We had a trunk or treat at our church. 
 And then the big night arrived.  He-who-must-not-be-named, Marshall, a reaper, and an astronaut, were off to collect all of the candy. 
 They went in force with their cousins, of course.  Peyton and McKenzie came because our neighborhood is much better than theirs for trick or treating.  Tiger, Big V, witch, cat, witch, 80s babe, Marshall, astronaut, fox, and reaper. 
Some of them took pillowcases because they felt that the pillowcase capacity was better than their itty bitty trick or treat buckets. They all got a very satisfactory haul.  That is one advantage of a neighborhood where you can hear your neighbor sneezing from your kitchen.  The front doors are all very close together for trick or treating.  Happy Halloween!

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