Sunday, May 31, 2020

Fall Break

The kids had one week of fall break in September, and two weeks of fall break in October.  I had fall break for their last week of fall break, so some of the shenanigans went on without me.  This trip to the children's museum for example.  I'm glad Eloise came out of this encounter alive.  

 Jared and Rachel, who both like to be very grown up, both thought that the children's museum was too babyish for them.  We didn't tell them what the other person thought, though so they each decided to go when they found out that the other was going.  Ha! We will trick them into doing all of the fun things.

 When I'm not home for all of the fun, we have to make the most of the evenings.  That sky. 
 The first weekend in October is our church's general conference weekend.  All regular church meetings are cancelled, and we get to watch eight or ten hours of talks and music from a living prophet and apostles.  It's a very festive event at our house, always marked with treats, fun activities, and cinnamon rolls. 

 October is a great time for a Halloween craft, so we drew faces on pumpkins.  We couldn't put them on our porch too soon, though, because javelinas eat them, or the heat makes them rot.  We saw a live javelina in the wash behind the grandparents' house, so we decided to keep the pumpkins inside. 
 Fall break means lots of time to play card games with cousins. 
 Peyton and McKenzie came from town (that's a thing we say out here in the desert because our neighborhood, while incorporated into Tucson, is only reached by leaving the city and then returning to it) to spend the day with their cousins.  It was an epic day of water play. 
 In the late, hot afternoon we went to a pumpkin patch in Marana.  It was a great pumpkin patch.  Pumpkins were a side show to all of the slides, swings,
 pig races (with actual pigs- the snout was just a souvenir),
 train rides,
 corn mazes, playgrounds,
 cousin time,
 and giant bouncy pillows.  There was so much fun to be had that we hardly noticed the heat. 
 We even managed to get a group photo before we left for home.  I think this is an annual Knight tradition that we have just become a part of. 
 Todd went back to Seattle for his October trip while I had my week off, but we were not done vacationing.  I took the kids to Patagonia Lake for a night of camping with the Campbells, Peyton and McKenzie, and a bunch of the Campbell's friends.  There were a lot of kids. 

 We made it through the night in the tent without Todd.  The next morning, Justin picked Todd up and they came to spend the day at the lake with us.  The arrived just in time for Ryan, who had sliced his leg to ribbons and needed to head back to town for stitches.  Colette took him in the car Justin brought.  Poor Ryan.
 The rest of us spent the day getting gloriously sandy. 

 This was a much needed vacation. 
Since I still had homework during fall break, I stayed home while Todd and Grandma took the kids to Disney on Ice.  You can see the fruits of some fall break bracelet crafting on Eloise's wrist. 
 This was a hit.  I tried in vain to get B and Sammy to wear long pants to the ice rink.  They are too attached to their new freedom from coats and freezing rain. 
And thus ended an epic fall break. 

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