Sunday, May 3, 2020

Also in August

Toady had a wedding! Seth and Genesis got married in Georgia the same week our kids started school.  After all of the upheaval of the past few weeks, we decided not to pack the kids onto a plane for 24 hours in Georgia right after we had settled in to our new life in Arizona.  
The original plan was that Seth was going to get married in Chile in December, but he and Genesis decided they couldn't wait that long, so Genesis brought her parents with her during a visit she had scheduled, and they went ahead and got married.  Toady was pleased that they could have a wedding for her.  Her new dress came with a tiara, which convinced her even more that this day was all about her. 
 Todd came with me to orientation, and we left midway through the day to catch our plane.  The kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Knight. It's very convenient for them to live across the street now, so Todd and I can disappear for a couple of days without too much disruption to the kids. 
We are so happy for Seth and Genesis!  She is the absolute best. 
 Uncle Fred came down from New York.  He dusted off his rusty Spanish from his mission in Bolivia to make Genesis's parents feel more welcome.  Here he is with little Izzy. 
 We tried very hard to get a picture of Seth and Genesis with all of the kids who were there, but weddings are a bit much for the kids.  Also, Georgia in August is hot. 
 Seth and Genesis didn't plan a reception. Instead, we took the family to the Georgia aquarium as a group outing after the wedding.  It was very cool. I missed our kids.  They would love it.  I started planning a trip to go back in May as soon as we all got out of school. 
 Here is me and Toady rocking our 3D glasses. 
 Izzy is just about the cutest thing ever. 
 It was great to get to see everyone for one afternoon. 
The next morning Todd and I went to the Atlanta temple before we got an Uber to the airport. 
 Here is Todd with his mini-me when we got home. 
 Can you tell who is who? 
 Arizona in August is only tolerable in the pool.  Jared had another birthday party, closer to his actual birthday, with his cousins. 
 They live in these swimming suits all summer.
 I can't believe this ten year old.  He is getting so responsible and considerate.  It has been amazing to see him blossoming this year.  He won't do anything normal for a picture though.  It's all dabs. . .
 . . . and flossing.  Happy Birthday, Jared!!
 This is our trail, now.  No more shady wooded trails for us.  There is a portion of the loop trail around Tucson that goes right by our house.  We like to go out and cook for a little while in the hot, hot Arizona sun.  This is a good place to look for lizards.  I saw a horny toad.  Tucson wildlife is weird looking.
 August in Tucson means storms.  This one wasn't as spectacular as the one we saw when we were moving into town, but we get a pretty good lightning show. 
This month was a whirlwind, but we started to get into a routine.  I had classes Monday through Thursday, so the big kids would all get on the school bus, then I would walk Sammy to preschool.  At the end of August he started to hate the drop-off, and I would leave him crying every day.  I had a very emotional commute to school for a few weeks, after a very sad drop off.  Generally, though, in all of the chaos of the move, I felt confident that coming to Tucson was a good move for us, and I loved going back to school, even though I was obviously in over my head.  The kids were in a very good school, with supportive teachers, especially for B, who really struggled last year.  Todd's work situation was tenuous, but his employer from Washington gave him permission to work remotely through February, and I was confident that he could find a new position within six months, even though he had his doubts.  I was making new friends and meeting a lot of really great people at school, and trying to persuade my brain that it knows how to learn again. 
After school, Sammy loved his hour with Grandma before the other kids got home.  Jared joined band and Jared and Eloise both joined chorus. 

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