Sunday, April 26, 2020

July in Kirkland

Kirkland in July is not nearly as hot as Utah/Arizona.  We had until the 17th of July to accept my scholarship offer, so we decided to proceed as if we would be going, since it takes a little bit of work to move a family this size across the country.  I don't think we ever sat down and had a discussion where we said definitively that we would be going.  At every stage of the getting ready to move process we said, "We can always pull the plug on this at any moment.  We will just take this one more step, and if things work out, we will take the next one."  
In the mean time, life went on.  A Sunday walk in the woods was a given.  
 Eloise came back from the scorching desert ready to trim off the mane that was making her neck hot.  My friend Kensie brought her salon to us.  B and Sammy had a great time entertaining her baby, Rock, while Eloise got fixed up. 
 We got back from our trip just in time for cub scout camp.  Eloise was very excited to be old enough to go this year.  I traded volunteer days at camp and volunteer days watching extra kids with my new friend, Jolena. Spencer went to cub scout camp, and Genevieve, Aaron, and Chloe hung out with us.  Basically we had a week long party. 
 Cub scout camp was themed "Cubs Through Time."  No time travel themed camp would be complete without a pool noodle light saber activity. 
 One of the highlights of cub scout camp is shooting and archery every day.  My first day volunteering was a lovely day of pouring rain.  Everyone got pretty soaked.  This is typical July day in western Washington. 

The kids each made a piece of dough, then wrapped it around a sausage and toasted it on a stick over fire.  Most of the kids wrapped them too thick and ended up eating a lot of very raw dough, but it still tastes good when you made it yourself, right?
 We had some errands to do with our friends.  Silliness ensued. 
 The younger kids sometimes feel a little left out because they don't get to spend the entire day out in the elements, so we went to the Kelsey Creek Farm to look at the enormous pigs and play on the playground. 
 Then we went to Grass Lawn Park to pretend it was actually warm enough for the splash pad. 
 Sammy got to go to his friend Abby's 4th birthday party at Pump it Up.  Sammy loves bouncing, and he loves obstacle courses, and he loves air hockey, but he is not a fan of the giant bouncy slides.  He got his leg caught on his way down one once, and now our little thrill seeker won't go near them. 
 The end of the week was warmer than the beginning of the week, so we braved Idylwood Park on Lake Sammamish with the Ashmans and the Christensens.  You may notice that none of our kids are actually in the water, which shows that it hadn't warmed up much.
 Todd took a quick trip to Arizona to inspect a house we were offering on.  It turned out not to have been well cared for, and we ended up backing out of our offer. July 17th arrived, and I accepted the scholarship. I could always back out, right?
 Because we had to cram in as much adventure and togetherness as possible, we met the Blackwelders, Christensens, and one of their neighbors, Christina, and her son, Henry at the Issaquah hatchery.  It was too early for the salmon run, but there were plenty of fry and other immature fish in the holding tanks. 
 Family hatchery portrait!
 Todd came back from Arizona in time for the Google family picnic.  This year it was at the zoo.  Sammy was very excited about his rainbow sparkle tiger face paint.  B was a polar bear.  I think Sammy was trying to look fierce here. 
 Eloise liked Sammy's idea to be a rainbow tiger. 
 There was food, carousel rides, animals to see, Blackwelders and Christensens to play with, and so much to see and do that we went home late and exhausted.  It's pretty great when all of our best friends get to go to the same company picnic we go to. 
 July went by so quickly! We met the Christensens and Blackwelders in Seattle at the Alki Beach tidepools.  We had never been to Seattle's most famous beach before.  This is my favorite kind of Washington adventure.  All of the kids turned over rocks to find zillions of crabs.  There is so much to touch, see, explore, and learn on a beach like this. 
All of our July adventures were colored with a little bit of sadness since we were saying a very slow goodbye to our closest friends.  While we never really committed to leaving, our move date was set, our POD was scheduled, and we had renters lined up to be caretakers of our house in Washington for the next nine months.  At some point I guess we decided that we were leaving. 

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