Sunday, April 26, 2020

All of the Good Byes.

With all of our moving events scheduled, we started to say good bye to all of our favorite things in Kirkland.  We may not have made it to all of them.  We had a lot of adventures here in eight years.  We managed to say goodbye to O.O. Denny Park and Lake Washington.  
 We visited the woods. We have walked a few miles on these trails. 
 The packing was pretty exhausting, so one afternoon we watched a sundae and ate a movie for a break.  :)
 Jared had his 10 year well check a month early so we wouldn't have to rush to find a doctor after the move.
 Our PODS got delivered.  Somehow we accumulated a lot more stuff since we moved to Washington from California in 2011, including two more kids.
 When all of our stuff was packed, the Carvers invited us to have dinner and family home evening with them in their neighborhood park.  This is our attempt at getting everyone in the same picture.  We have so many good memories with all of these friends. 
 I didn't manage to get any pictures, but my best girlfriends had a girls' night.  We took a couple of inflatable kayaks and a raft out on Lake Washington and messed around.  It was so fun.  I'm grateful for a group of supportive ladies who made my life so much easier in Kirkland.  They were unstoppable with childcare and meals while we packed.  We monkeyed around in our tree.
 We visited our neighborhood bears. 
 We loaded our POD.
 I was too busy saying goodbye to get any pictures, but we had a bring your own picnic meetup at the park to say goodbye to everyone at once, and most of our ward showed up!  We are so loved.  I let Jared take all of the pictures, so there were a lot of pictures of pieces of playground equipment, and not a lot with people in them.  This one is a gem. 
 One thing that I had been meaning to do for a couple of years was take the kids to Rattlesnake Lake in North Bend.  We picked up the older Christensen boys to take them with us and went early to hike to Rattlesnake Ledge as one of our last adventures before we moved.  This was August 1.  Our scheduled move date was August 3. 
This is a long, steep hike. The kids were ready to turn back less than a quarter mile from the top, but I convinced them to persevere.  I think they were glad they made it.  Except Sammy, who wanted to be carried most of the way down.  We did it! 
 When we came down, Rebecca was there with the rest of her boys and the Blackwelders playing in the lake.  Everyone was incredibly ready for lunch by the time we got there.
 This was a great climbing tree.  No one wanted to leave (even though everyone was tired). 
 Later that afternoon we stopped by Kaylee's house so Eloise could say goodbye.  Girlfriends are a treasure.
 Then, since they hadn't already done enough for us (totally kidding.  I owe Rebecca my life during the move), the Christensens hosted Jared's early birthday party.  Rebecca even made the cake. Most of the people he wanted to invite are Christensens, and everything we own was packed for a move, so we met at the Christensens for cake, and then the dads took the older kids bowling. 
 Josh, Jared's best friend from school, was the only non-Christensen/Knight who was there.  Bowling was great. The graphics above the bowling lane showed a great image of a ball falling into quicksand halfway to the pins if you got a gutter ball.  I'm so glad Jared got to celebrate his birthday with all of his friends.  We seriously missed our Christensen campout for Jared's birthday this year. 
 August 2 was our last day in Kirkland.  So we spent it with the Christensens.  We have so many children between us.  What this picture can't capture is the noise level.  Wow.
 Some of the Christensens thought they might move to Arizona with us.  We simply did not have room.  We would have brought them if we could have.  We always need more Christensens in our lives. 
 The Behrs invited us over for a goodbye dinner. Noah and B have been inseparable for the past year, and the Behrs are taking care of our house while their house gets remodeled. 
 These kids have so much fun together.  I wish we could have brought all of our friends to Arizona with us. 
 The next morning was our date of departure.  We took one last silly picture with our monkey tree. 
Then we got in the car and drove away. Leaving was bittersweet.  It's painful to leave so many beloved friends, but so many adventures await!

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