Sunday, October 6, 2019

Great Summer Road Trip Part IV

On July 4 in the morning we got up and went for one last swim in Arizona before driving north.  We needed a break in Kanab, so we went for a little hike in the red dirt in the heat.  
 Whew.  It was HOT and dry.  The red dirt stained Sammy's shorts. 
 Note the red faces on all of these Seattle kids. 
 After a long day driving, we stopped for dinner at Wendy's in Orem.  In one of my favorite moments of the trip so far, B came out of the restaurant bathroom with his pants around his ankles to report that he was having a problem with the toilet paper.  We are so great at keeping things classy. 
Anni was in Orem for fireworks, but, after a long day driving, we didn't really feel like battling traffic.  Todd picked up some sparklers and we did them on Uncle Von and Aunt Patty's driveway.  They got back from a trip to Bear Lake with their grandkids around the same time we arrived. 
 After sparklers we watched "Wall-E," before dozing off in a basement campout. 
 We stopped in Layton for a short visit with these people, who we had just left a few days before.  Isn't Jared cute with Pickle? 
 We played on a slip and slide, did some more sparklers,
 acted totally crazy for a while,
 and tried in vain for a sisters and Mom selfie (it's just as well, since we didn't get this picture while Faith was there). 
 All too soon it was time to go home for real.  We stopped in Boise for the night. 
After 24 hours in the car, I found dozens of pictures like this one of Eloise on my phone.  We were home at last, but the chaosomeness was not nearly over.  I'm starting to feel like it never really ends. 

Great Summer Road Trip Part III

On July 1 we drove a few hours to where our Knight family reunion was, in Heber, Arizona.  The cabin there came complete with foosball and pool tables, a tire swing, a giant checkers game, and a whole bunch of adorable cousins!  
 Let the cousin fun begin! 
 Sleeping the whole family in one cabin was chaos.  Or, as Jared says, "chaosome!" 
 We don't have to plan very much for these kids to have a good time together.  Our second day in Arizona we went to the city park and played games.  It wasn't very hot for the Tucson folks up in the Arizona mountains, but I think it was hotter than they expected it to be. 
 The kids wanted to play in water, so we found a little fishing lake.  It wasn't very well suited to swimming, since there were cows around the edges, making it a bit muddy.  We were undeterred. 
 Todd took some kids out in life jackets and tubes and floated in the middle of the lake for a while, until one of the tubes started to lose air. 
 When we got back to the cabin, I set up some buckets of water and dollar store water squirters.  The girls seem to lack to violent tendencies that the boys have.  Even though I set them up at safe distances for squirting each other without anyone getting squirted in the eye, the girls kept squirting the ground.  Eventually they gave it up to the boys who were content to get each other wet. 
 Our last day in Arizona was our hike day.  We went to Show Low Grandma and Grandpa Knight's old stomping grounds to enjoy hiking in the shade.  This is what making a picnic for eighteen people looks like. 
 Grandma and Grandpa made a stop that the rest of us didn't make, so we were waiting for them.  While we were waiting, I got an email from the University of Arizona.  I was accepted into law school for the 2019-20 school year, and offered a generous scholarship!  That was unexpected.  I applied at the end of a rolling application cycle, so I didn't know if there would be any places left for me.  My LSAT score was fair, but I wasn't really expecting to be given such a generous offer.  Colette and Jacob were celebrating my acceptance and cheering, and Megan (age 4- her birthday was one day away) asked, "What's so great about la-la school?" 
 Even in the trees, Arizona has a big sky. 

 Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! Jared and Rachel are going over the edge!
 After our hike we went back into town for lunch at another park.  Todd got roped into manning the zipline, where we thought the kids would never get tired of taking turns. 
 Kids, and kids at heart. 
 After a much-too-short trip to Arizona, we were on our way home.  Sammy was not okay with leaving.  We said goodbye to the cousins after lunch and made our way back to a hotel in Page for the night.  The pool here was a little warmer than our last hotel in Page.
 We were captivated by the incredible sunset across the street from our hotel. 
 It was a little windy, and Sammy and B like their hair to be long on top. 

You have captured our hearts with your breathtaking beauty, Arizona.  We had a lot of thinking and praying to do, but Sammy in particular was hoping that we would be back soon.