Sunday, September 22, 2019

Great Summer Road Trip 2019 Part II

While we were in Utah, Anni turned 30, so we celebrated.  Here Ryan holds Pickle (also known as Jack, but I hope the Pickle nickname Maren gave him sticks) and Faith has Izzy in their 4th of July outfits from Grandma Jill.  
 Todd came!  Doesn't he look sweet with tiny Izzy? 
 Grandpa Michael was in town, so he stopped by to say happy birthday to Anni, and get a picture with all of his grandchildren.
 Grandma Jill had to get her picture, too. 
 Andrew came out for the same week we were there.  He brought a tool and taught me how to get the staple out of Sammy's head.  Apparently removing staples himself is beneath his pay grade now that he is a fully qualified nurse practitioner. 
 We managed to fit in another trip to the splash pad.  B got wet for a minute, but he prefers to dig in the sand near the splash pad.  He is the only Knight child not completely enamored with water. 
 We read some bedtime stories in the tent.  Tent sleeping is hard when it is fully light outside at bedtime. 
 On Sunday we had to say goodbye and leave for the next stretch of our trip.  We stopped in Murray to see Grandma Richards.  I'm not sure she was entirely clear on who we are, but she was delighted to be surrounded by children.  She wanted Eloise to tell her all about second grade, since she used to be a second grade teacher. 
 I was worried that the kids would be nervous with her, but Sammy went right up to her and kissed her on the cheek, and when the other kids saw how happy that made her, they all wanted to kiss her, too. 
 It was a really special visit. 
 We drove down to Page, AZ.  We were on our way to our Knight family reunion. 
 The swimming pool at our hotel was frigid.  It was a short swim. 
We were looking forward to seeing the rest of the cousins in a few hours!

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