Sunday, September 22, 2019

Great Summer Road Trip 2019 Part I

The week after school got out, the adventures began.  Our very last farewell with friends was a birthday party for Price.  One of his guests brought a big bucket of snakes she had collected to the party.  Sammy LOVES holding creepy crawly things.  He spent almost all of the party carrying a snake around.  
 B was also a fan of the snakes. 
 Happy birthday Pricey!  I can't believe the little guy is six!
 And then we were off on our great summer road trip. The kids and I left Todd behind to work while we drove to Utah.  It was rough, but we made it all in one day.  Here we are at a rest stop. 
 We had to go to Utah because Cheyenne was there for a couple of months to help with Anni's kids while she ran camps all summer. Faith also came from New York with her little Isabelle, who we had not met yet.  This was the week Jared went to Engineering Camp, and the rest of us tagged along with Cheyenne and ALL of the rest of the kids (eleven altogether) adventuring around Ogden. 
 Eloise was in heaven with all of the babies. Here she is with baby Pickle (eleven months old). 
 Anni's neighborhood has a great splash pad.  All injuries were superficial. 
 I love this Toady girl. 
 Eloise and Toady had matching Frozen jammies.  As you might imagine, Anni and Ryan's house was bursting at the seams with so many people.  The kids and I slept in a pop-up tent trailer in the driveway until Thursday, when Uncle Paul needed his trailer back for a trip.  Then we moved to a tent in the back yard.  We got the outdoor accommodations because we are the only family without a baby. 
 Isabelle!  We love her cute little face. 
 We went to the giant DI near Anni's house to look for a couple of things.  These are not the things we were looking for.  B was very excited about the hat with a crab on it that said "Washington" on the back.  Nothing is funnier than leaving Washington to go to Utah where you buy a Washington souvenir.
 Eloise wants to know if she is ready to babysit.  Izzy loved her.  She's probably ready. 
 We went on a few long, hot hikes.  B and Sammy were good sports because they heard that there would be some broken cars at the end of this hike. 
 We found one.  It was really hot, so we didn't go all the way to the car graveyard we had heard about. 
 We did some excavating at this cool dinosaur park. 
 It was great to have lots of Grandma Jill time.  During lunch James and Sammy let themselves out of the park through a one way gate.  Sammy wasn't wearing shoes at the time, so that was awesome.  They had to go all the way back to the entrance with Cheyenne while Faith, Grandma, and I played musical babies with the little guys. 
 Look out for the world's most dangerous creature! One of these kids does not belong to us. 
 Pickle got a little tired.  This was an awesome place to run around and see a lot of cool dinosaurs. 
 Jared had a full, exhausting week at Astro Camp.  He came back looking a little dazed from sleep deprivation (they are up until ten and then activities start at seven every morning, so at best two hours less sleep than Jared is accustomed to), but he absolutely wants to go back to the exact same camp next year. 
Our great summer adventure was off to a busy start. 

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