Sunday, August 25, 2019

Warming up for Wild Waves!

And, just like that, spring arrived in the Pacific Northwest.  Salmon berries (the earliest berries of the season) were ripe, so summer foraging began.  
 I would not say that the weather was exactly warm, but the sun was out, and that was good enough for the little swimmers. 

 I needed another month before venturing into these frigid waters. 
 On June 3 I took the LSAT, the Law School Admissions Test.  It was the last thing I needed for my application to the University of Arizona Law School.  I didn't really expect that I would get in, but Sammy has another year before he starts school, so I could refine my application skills and apply to a few more schools before their deadlines in March 2020.  The test was the culmination of several months of studying, though, so it was kind of a big deal to me.  B and Sammy spent the morning with the Christensens. 

B lost another tooth.  How do you think he felt about that?
 B's friend Noah was the star student in their class.  Even though B wasn't going to school anymore, Noah wanted B to be his lunch guest.  We got permission from the principal for B to stay for recess, too.  This was the highlight of the week for both of them (even though they played together after school at least twice a week for most of the year). 
 We may have overstayed Noah's recess for a few minutes so that B and Sammy could play with Eloise and Ari. 
 We suddenly had a warm day, and it rained, so we got this cool instant evaporation effect with steaming roads and trees.  This is on the way home from meeting Jared after school. 
 On Friday, June 7, we got a special homeschool rate to Wild Waves, so we invited a bunch of friends (Carvers, Christensens, and Blackwelders), and all of the dads took the day off work so we could spend the day at Wild Waves.  I don't remember the last time we had so much fun. 
 The rides had to be closed for a few minutes while there was a looming lightning storm, but it soon passed.  There was no thought of going into the water on this chilly day, but the coolness of the day meant that the crowds were thin, so we could ride our favorite rides over and over and over. 
 So we did. 
 The great thing about having so many friends there was that there was always someone to take the big kids on a scary ride or stay back with someone who didn't want to try something.  The hard part was keeping track of all of the kids, since there is always a danger of losing someone when there are so many eyes watching them. 
 I'm pretty sure we didn't leave anyone behind. 

 Riding amusement park rides with Todd is the ultimate in fun for the kids.  He always hams it up and acts like each ride is the scariest thing he has ever done to make them laugh. 
 And that includes the carousel. 
 The ferris wheel probably is the scariest thing we did. 
 This was totally awesome, and worth making an annual tradition, if you ask me. 
This was such a blast.  We seriously have to do this again. 

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