Sunday, August 25, 2019

The way things were in May

May was a fun month. I got to chaperone these goofballs on a field trip to the Pacific Science Center.  Kaylee and Eloise were seated by each other at the beginning of the school year, and they hit it off. Eloise was delighted that Kaylee only lives a few blocks from us, so they saw each other on the bus in the mornings, and it was an easy walk over to Kaylee's to play.  
 It was nonstop fun and energy at the science center. 
 I had to take a picture of these two tiny girls in the dinosaur footprint so we can look back someday and be surprised that they both fit. 
 Our ward does a service project every year at Ensign Ranch.  Anyone who comes to help clean up the area for summer camps is allowed to camp out.  Todd has come before with Jared and Eloise, but the little guys were too little, or someone was sick in previous years, so we hadn't ever all come for the campout.  This year we were all up for it.  So, on May 10, we loaded up the car and headed up into the Cascades.  The Blackwelders, Christensens, and Ashmans (a new family in our stake who we got to know) came, too.  It was a pretty wild party with all of those kids running around.  We got there before the others, and I took some pictures.  It's a good thing I did because after friends arrived I never saw all of the kids in one place again until we were in the car leaving.  Even then we barely managed to find everyone. 
 I wouldn't say it was exactly warm yet, so I don't think anyone was particularly tempted to wade out into this snow melt water. 

 Fire=fun, right?
 Todd is the pied piper with his card games.  I may be wrong, but this looks like Fuji Flush, or, as Sammy calls it, "Flooji." 
 We did actually have to help with the service project.  And by "help," of course I mean "ride around in the back of Brother Bruner's pickup truck while the adults do all of the heavy lifting."  Clearly this was the best thing ever. 
 I got to go on a field trip with Jared's class.  Jared was in a combined 4th/5th grade gifted class, and they had just finished a unit on the Native American tribes of Washington.  Since they are a gifted class, they can't just learn the names of the tribes, like I did in fourth grade.  Jared had completed an extensive research project on tribal sovereignty.  Bringing a well educated group of curious kids to a tribal cultural center and museum turned out to be amazing. I learned a lot.  The tour guide was really impressed with the level of questions the kids were asking.  I believe I caught the picture below while Jared was reading about the woolly dogs that were kept by the original inhabitants of the Salish Sea coast, and shaved to make blankets and clothing. 
 Pricey came with us to pick Jared up from school one day.  He insisted on carrying Jared's backpack home for him.  This was no small feat, since Price (almost six) is approximately the same size as Sammy (just turned 4), but Price is the third brother in his family, so he is pretty tough. 
 Lucas and Landon spent a night with us while their parents went on an anniversary trip.  B and Sammy are happy kids, but they are wildly social.  Whenever they aren't with their friends, they are asking when they will be with their friends. 
 B lost his first tooth!!!  He is much less squeamish about teeth removal than Eloise is.  This one may have been pulled out a little early, as there was a lot of blood, but he was delighted. 
 Eloise conquered the monkey bars.  Our family was using our Friday movie nights to watch the obstacle course competition show "Ultimate Beastmaster," so trips to the playground turned into obstacle course challenges.  Eloise practiced until her arms were shaking and her palms were calloused, but she prevailed.  She's a monkey bar professional now. 
 B isn't quite there.  He hasn't quite figured out the coordination to swing himself to the next bar, but he's very strong. 
 I don't know why, but B has suddenly entered a phase where he prefers to walk on wood chips in his socks.  He crazy.  Those wood chips are usually not even dry. Oh, well.  Kids are kids. 
And with that, May was over, and our lives were about to start changing really, really quickly. 

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