Sunday, August 25, 2019

April Part 2: Happy Birthday Eloise!

On April 12, Jared and Eloise had their first piano recital.  It was really cool. Each child performed a piece they had learned and a piece they had composed.  They did great. B started lessons the week after the recital.
I made a halfhearted attempt at a garden this year.  I pulled a million weeds, and then all I had energy left for was trimming the oregano and parsley way back, and throwing a few seeds in the ground with low expectations.  The bunnies have been terrible, and my rabbit proof fence does nothing to deter them, so I think I'm going to have to give in and do raised beds next time. 
 Eloise turned eight!  Because she and Sammy have birthdays so close together, I asked her to have her party a little bit later in the month so that I would have enough time to prepare.  She was okay with that, but she did want to have Chinese food for her birthday.  I won't mention where we went because we were not terribly impressed.  She was excited to get her very own camera for her birthday.  She has wanted one for a long time. 
 We had a very cool activity days activity at Hopelink (the food bank) in Bellevue preparing and planting in their garden boxes.  We invited a few friends to bolster our numbers, and it was very cool. 
 Jared presented his project at his school's science fair.  Since science bread wasn't very delicious, we made a couple of loaves of ordinary bread to cut into small pieces and have available with his exhibit.  The bread disappeared, so I assume his exhibit was popular. 
 These boys had a lot of fun at home.  Silly boys experienced some unexpected foot growth.
 Easter came very late this year.  We dyed eggs.  The holidays are changing a bit around here.  Todd told B the truth about Santa and Christmas because B is a worrier, and Santa is a stranger who never got any less strange and frightening with the passing years, so the kids are catching on about the Easter bunny, which I have always found strange and distracting from what Easter is really about.  It's okay.  We still have fun.
 Sammy advanced to B's old bike since B advanced to a bigger bike.  It took Sammy a couple of rides to feel comfortable on the bigger bike.  Sammy definitely has a wilder style of riding, since he seems to knock the chain off of the bigger bike constantly (he likes to jerk on the brakes to try and make the bike skid).  But he's a fearless, adrenaline addicted little biker. 
 While B did school at home, Sammy did his own school work.  Sammy got really good at these addition puzzles with very little help. 
 We went to Take Your Child to Work Day at Daddy's office.  It was fun, and we always like seeing the Christensens and the Blackwelders at all of these events. 
 Eloise's birthday party finally arrived.  She helped me decorate the fish cake for her fish party. 
 The guests decorated fish bowls, then went fishing for fish favors.  We did fish trivia, and bookmarks with fish facts were awarded for correct answers. 
 Eloise made two really good friends at school: Kaylee and Ari.  Ari wasn't even in her class, but she lives across the street from us, so after connecting at school they were able to get pretty close.  Sammy was delighted that Ari came with a four year old brother, Asher.  The party was a great success. 
 Sammy was helping me prune bushes in the back yard when he lost his balance and dove face first onto the corner of a paving stone.  My first reaction was to be relieved, because he was holding pruning shears when he fell, and I thought he had landed on them, but the paving stone left quite a dent in his face. 
 I wonder if Sammy is naturally vain, or if he learned it from B.  I'm pretty sure that him combing his own hair is the cutest thing ever. 
 I'm glad I got to spend so much time with these two guys.  They are endless fun. 

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