Sunday, June 16, 2019

The rest of February

February is a short month, but we packed a lot in.  The day after we got back from Chelan, Eloise lost another tooth.  Can you see the new gap?  
 When I emptied the cooler from the trip, B and Sammy took turns dragging each other around in it.  It's hard to believe that they will someday be too big to do this.  I will probably have to get a bigger cooler by then for their bigger appetites. 
 Eloise and I had been cold and damp long enough, so I went to the thrift store to stock up on sweaters for us.  When I went to put the sweaters in the washing machine, I read the labels because sweaters are finicky.  Imagine my surprise when I encountered this on one of the labels:
 Eloise wanted her picture taken with the $2000 sweater.  I know there is such a thing as a sweater that costs that much, but this one seemed pretty ordinary, and even a little scratchy, so I had my doubts.  Cheyenne looked it up and discovered that this brand is exclusive to India, so that manufacturer recommended price was more likely in Indian Rupees, which is roughly equivalent to $28.50.  Ah well.  It's still warm and cozy. 
We did a lot of pruning in the fall, so we had to pack sticks into our yard waste can once a week all winter (except for the week when it was under snow) so that it could be gone in time for spring pruning.  
 Sammy wanted a picture of this giant tower he built.  The hours go slowly when all of the kids are at school. 
 Todd always has meetings before church, and church doesn't start until 10:30, so we occasionally have some free time to show off our fancy duds for the camera before we have to leave.  We were exceptionally cute on this day. 
 B wants to be like Daddy with glasses, so he wears safety goggles around.  We do journaling most Sunday afternoons. 
 Sammy is figuring out the camera, which can be accessed without unlocking my phone, so I find dozens of this kind of picture on my phone:

 Eloise has been loving activity days since January, since kids start in January of the year they turn 8 as of this year.  We did a crayon melting activity that turned out to make a pretty epic mess, but they made some really cool, creative art. 
I love these girls. 

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