Sunday, June 16, 2019


We started March with an epic Knight-Christensen-Blackwelder dinner/game night at the Christensens.  
 I think we got approximately halfway through this game before a child came in and nudged the table, and all the pieces went flying.  It was a good try, though.  It's kind of crazy to be in the phase where we get three families together and suddenly there are 19 people. 
 Sammy and I got a book of yoga poses for kids.  I did most of them with Sammy, but the tortoise pose is way beyond me. 
 We had a lot of fun with this book. 
 Sammy and I started volunteering at World Relief Seattle in their family literacy program.  Family literacy is an English class for the parents, with a preschool class down the hall for the children aged six months to five.  The regular teacher was leaving to have a baby, so I took over teaching twice a week with another volunteer.  We loved it so much we would have done it every day if it weren't a 45 minute drive away.  Sammy made some good friends there. 
The great baguette mystery commenced!  All through March and April we found a new baguette lying along the side of the road at least once a week in different places until there were around nine baguettes.  We walk to pick Jared up from school almost every day, so we are pretty aware of this section of road, and some of the baguettes were covered in seeds, and some weren't, so we knew that they were different loaves. 
The first time I saw a loaf of French bread on the side of the road I thought someone must have been biking home with their groceries (I'm pretty sure we are the only people who walk along this section of road habitually) and lost a loaf out of their basket.  Then we found another one.  And another one.  The wildlife weren't eating them, so if this was a misguided attempt to feed the birds or something, it wasn't working.  Maybe someone was doing it just to keep us guessing.  
Eloise and B had dress like your favorite book character day at school.  B dressed like Brother Bear from the Berenstain Bears.  
 Eloise was in the process of reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, so she dressed like Harry (in Quidditch robes).  She was surprised and delighted that she wasn't the only Harry at school that day.  Welcome to the magical world of Harry Potter, Eloise! 
 Sammy heard it was a dress up day, so he decided to dress up like himself, only more so.  I mean, you can't really improve on this:
 Eloise had a big school project to do a book report by making a cereal box look like the book she read, with a new blurb on the back and a freshly designed cover.  Eloise made hers pretty with gold spray paint. Normally this would have been an outside activity, but it was snowing again.  *Sigh*
These book projects went on display in the school library, and we went over after school one day to take at look at the projects.  They looked fantastic. 
 Eloise hit the first major growth spurt of her life, I think, and started going back for seconds and thirds on all her meals.  Benjamin has always been growing at that pace, so I think he has officially caught up with Eloise in size.  In March he started riding Jared's bike around, since his own was feeling too small. 
 And then the flu hit us.  B doesn't do the flu halfway.  He was sick for most of the month.  Eloise got sick and got better, and B was still sick.  Sammy got sick, and got better, and B was still sick. Todd was sick for only a couple of days, and Jared only had it for a couple of days (right during a field trip, since life is cruel), but B had it for almost the entire time everyone else was taking turns with it.  When he had finally been fever free for 24 hours, I sent him back to school, only to have his temperature shoot back up that afternoon, so he had to stay home the next day again.  This is how B got sick last time we had the flu.  I eventually took him in to get his lungs X-rayed, just in case his flu had turned into something else, but he was just down and out with the flu.  We might do flu shots next year, although, anecdotally, we hear that it doesn't do much good. 
 Sammy was also taking a preschool class at the North Kirkland Community Center once a week, which he loved, and, when all the snow finally melted, we were excited to get back out to exercise.  Sammy is happy in the stroller as long as he knows we are going to end up in a park, or he gets to get out and run some of the time.  We're pretty hard core. 
 Eloise lost her other front tooth, with no sign of either adult tooth breaking through.  She is now officially a gaping mouthed jack-o-lantern, or, as Seth's novia, Génesis, says, una vieja.  Eloise hates having her teeth pulled, but she's always relieved when it's over. 
 Jared has loved doing trumpet this year.  He's picking it up astonishingly quickly. 
 On March 26, Jared had a band concert.  I love Jared, and I think band is wonderful, but making parents sit on bleachers for four bands to perform multiple songs each should be a crime.  I always performed in an auditorium, Mom, with actual seating, so that's something for you to be thankful for. 
 Sammy and I took a friend from our ward to lunch.  Sammy requested a "cheese hamburger."  I kind of love that doesn't know what a cheeseburger is.  We went to Wendy's. 
 Later we went to the dollar store, where Sammy brought some of his own money to buy a toy of his choosing.  He picked this pony, which came with a brush and a crown, and is among his most beloved belongings. 
I love the unselfconsciousness of childhood.  Keep being you, Sammy.  You do it so masterfully well. 

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