Tuesday, June 18, 2019

How April Started

I withdrew Benjamin from school on March 29.  The short explanation for this is that he was in a classroom with an inexperienced teacher, and an overemphasis on discipline was taking the joy out of being at school.  So now, instead of having a zillion pictures like this on my phone: 
 I have a zillion pictures like this:
That was Sammy on his actual birthday, with a bracelet on each wrist that says "Happy Birthday," waiting for his community center preschool class to start.  
 B is still playing with friends from school a couple of times a week, and he's plowing through the homeschool curriculum he had started before we put him in kindergarten.  He went with me and Sammy to volunteer at World Relief Family Literacy, where he is close enough in age with a lot of the children to make connections and play together, and they were very, very silly together.
We love to have one extra person when we sit around and eat cake with the Christensens (and Lucas) for Sammy's birthday.
 Jared's 4/5 class combined with the other 4/5 class in his school to put on funny a musical about the writing of the United States Constitution.  Jared was pleased to be in the chorus.  He was given an understudy position, but he was really much happier to be Georgia.  He really wanted me to show Aunt Cheyenne that he was wearing the Georgia hat.  The musical was fabulous.  The music teacher at Jared's school, Mrs. Frank, is a wonder.  This is such a fantastic and fun way for the kids to learn about our constitution and the history of our country.  This is reason #198 that I'm glad Jared is in school this year.  It has been SO good for him.
 Spring arrived!  It felt like the snowy days were never going to leave, even though, otherwise, it was a pretty dry and sunny winter.  I love it when the trees blossom.
Jordanne and Megan went to Canada for a couple of days, but when they got back, we met up with them at Kelsey Creek Farm in Bellevue one day.  Sammy was happy to be reunited with Megan.  It was a really nice day to be wandering around the farm.  The sheep were very woolly.  We saw some fat, sleepy pigs. 
Sammy and Megan drove the tractor together while B was a bunny, and Jordanne and I caught up on each other's lives. 
Sammy had a doctor's appointment where he got his kindergarten shots.  Our doctor likes everyone to be fully vaccinated by their fourth birthday.  Sherrie needed someone to watch her little boys for a while, so we picked them up on our way to get frozen yogurt.  They didn't seem to mind. 
I found this selfie Jared took with Shadow on my phone.  Aren't they cute?  Jared tells me that cute no longer applies to fourth graders, even if they are the smallest in their class.  He also says that fourth graders should not be kissed by their moms in public, but you better believe I'm not stopping that anytime soon.  I make sure he gets a big pucker up in full view of the school bus every single day. 
We had spring break!  Everyone was ready for a break from routine, so we didn't plan too much for the break.  We did have our daily walk, and the trees were still blooming. 
Jared spent part of spring break working on his science project, "How are you Doughing?"  He tested the effect of different sweeteners on yeast growth.  His science loaves didn't taste very good, since salt is a yeast inhibitor, and bread needs salt. 
We had one field trip during the break.  We went to Saltwater State Park in Des Moines, Washington.  The weather was great.  We actually got kind of hot. 
We had a great time climbing on the rocks, finding exciting discoveries, and playing in the sun. 
We can't take anything home from the beach, thank goodness, since most of it stinks, so we had to document our most interesting discoveries.  I won't impress you with every single colorful rock we documented, but Jared found a pretty cool shell. 
We were there for over an hour before I remembered that every single rock in the tide plain has about a hundred tiny crabs living under it.  B was a little nervous about the crabs pinching him, but Sammy called them his little buddies, and carried them around.  He got pinched once, but that didn't deter him from picking up more crabs. 
In the future we have to remember to wear boots or sandals to this park. Eloise and B couldn't explore as freely in their sneakers since most of the ground was wet. 
Happy spring break from this glorious Pacific Northwest natural playground!

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