Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Rainbow Birthday, Sammy!

Sammy turned four!  This didn't actually happen until April 2, but we had a party on March 30 anyway.  Sammy had two wishes for his birthday party.  He wanted a rainbow cake, and he wanted to have a treasure hunt.  I'm pretty pleased with how this rainbow party turned out.  The rainbow candies disappeared pretty quickly.  
 Jordanne came!  She brought one of our good friends, Megan, with her, and they stayed for the better part of a week.  Sammy doesn't remember Jordanne very well, since she left here not long after he was born, so he kind of attached himself to Megan.  He forgot Jordanne's name once, and asked, "Who did Megan bring with her?"  Jordanne is so great.  She should be present for all turning four parties, and all rainbow ribbon dance parties. 
 The rainbow shirt I ordered fro Sammy showed up in the middle of the party, which was excellent timing. 
 Sammy was all smiles all day. 
 The internet saved me from dealing with a lot of food coloring by suggesting this M&M rainbow cake.  I made it with white mountain frosting, since it looks like clouds. 

 We kind of got a rainbow inside the cake.  We used Kool-aid to color it, so each of the layers had a slightly different flavor, which I didn't love, but the kids thought it was amazing, so we can call this success. 
 We even had a rainbow treasure hunt, with rainbow party favors at the end.  I may have gotten a little bit carried away with the rainbow thing. 
 Sammy was delighted with an assortment of rainbow/unicorn gifts.  The pink rainbow/unicorn beach towel he got may never be shared with the other kids.  Sammy fills our lives up with fun and excitement.  He may not always love being the youngest, but he is pretty good at it.  Happy birthday, four year old! 

Sammy told our favorite story time guy, Marco Cortes, that it was his birthday, and Sr. Cortes gave him a CD of Spanish children's music, which Sammy loves. He likes to blast it in the family room while he does his daily clean up in there.

Jordanne and Megan went thrift store shopping after the party and found B a $7 bike that is the same size as Jared's, so they can ride at the same time again.  B loves his red bike. 
I'm so glad Megan and Jordanne came!  Come again anytime, guys.  We miss you. 

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