Sunday, June 16, 2019

Chelan Winter Vacation

We missed the first day of our winter break because getting out of our driveway and our neighborhood was a little too slick and daunting in the absence of plows, but things had cleared up sufficiently for the second day of our mini vacation.  The plan was to take advantage of a break from school to do some tubing at a small ski resort just outside of Chelan, Washington.  These kids had been sledding every day for a week and a half by the time we left, so we were glad we were staying in a condo complex with a pool.  
I'm not sure we could ever get worn out on swimming.  It was fun to be able to swim in a warm, indoor pool while looking out the glass walls at a snowy world. 
Jared is part fish. 
Everything is more fun with Daddy.  He has an endless attention span for fun and games. 
It was Friday, so we went into the sleepy little town of Chelan for some pizza after swimming. 
The next morning we fit another swim in while Daddy did the sleeping he hadn't done at night with restless kids in unfamiliar beds. 
Then we went to the mountain.  Jared and Eloise loved the tubing.  Pulling tubes up the hill was quite a job in the slippery snow, but worth it for the feeling of flight on the way down. 

B and Sammy loved it considerably less, and they were already tired from sleeping poorly and swimming all morning, so they spent more time in the lodge than the other kids.  Sammy though skiing looked much more fun, since they had a tow rope to get up the hill, but I'm sure he would have liked it even less.  After lunch we peeled off all of our soaked snow gear and headed home.   
We were all vacation-weary and ready to get back into routine.  The snow had been a surprise break from ordinary life, but it had been around long enough. 

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