Sunday, April 7, 2019

A sendoff for 2018

Christmas morning!!!  This is what our kids look like waiting to go downstairs and see what Santa brought.  
 Jared, Eloise, and Benjamin got Heelys, which are sneakers with wheels in the heels.  Jared had seen them on other boys at cub scouts, and they look pretty cool.  Unfortunately, Santa got Jared the wrong size.  If Santa is bringing Heelys to your house, please remember that the sizing runs small.  Everyone was pretty happy with their gift haul this year. 
 Sammy asked for a toy doctor kit, a Doc McStuffins movie, and a little brother for his stuffed frog, Froggy.  He got everything he asked for.  He is in love with the doctor kit.  Sammy plans to be a doctor for kids when he grows up, or a doctor for animals.  The new frog's name is Jumpers. 
For our family's experience gift this year, we booked an AirBnB in Chelan to have a snow vacation during a school break in February.  It was part of my effort to embrace winter this year. 

Because our Thanksgiving 5K was such a success, we had a holiday 5K on Christmas day, too.  We went to the Cross Kirkland Corridor and ran out and back on a section where there were no streets to cross.  There was some grumpiness around the midpoint, but the run back went pretty fast.  Jared was motivated by the fear of being beaten by his little brothers. 
 We stopped just before the finish line to play at the playground.  We celebrated our big finish with gingerbread cookies. 
 Since we weren't traveling for Christmas, Todd went back to work the next day.  We still had a week of vacation left before school started again, so we went to the pool.  We brought a friend. 
 B created some art.  Can you tell who he drew?  We went to an Indian market near our house and I told the kids to pick out new snacks to try.  Eloise was kind of overwhelmed by all of the new smells in the market.  Some of the snacks were good.  Some of the kids are more adventurous eaters than others. 
 Jared is kind of tired of the zoo, but the other kids really wanted to go.  Jared is so tired of the zoo that he was actually willing to sit in Todd's office with him and read the whole time we were at the zoo. 
It was pouring rain. We had the whole zoo to ourselves.  It was fantastic.  We were wet.   
 On the way into the zoo, a preschool group that was meeting up handed us some free carousel tickets, since they had more than their group needed.  The carousel was dry and heated. 
 I think these pictures almost manage to capture how soaked we were. 
 After the carousel we had lunch, and then we got some cotton candy because the kids had never tried it, and had always wanted to.  We saved a little bit to take back to Jared. 
 One thing I loved about Christmas vacation was that the kids played so well together.  I had anticipated some contention, but they got along really, really well.  The all busily built zoos out of blocks for long stretches of time without fighting over the blocks or the animals.  It was a really magical holiday. 
 We babysat Pascal the chameleon for the Blackwelders, who were traveling over the holiday. 
 He was so easy to take care of.  He didn't chew anything or break down any fences.  Maybe we should have gotten a lizard instead of a dog. 
 We had a New Year's Eve party at our house.  We rang in the new year at 8:00 p.m. so that no one felt compelled to stay up past their ability to cope. 
We played a lot of games.  Pie face was a favorite.  For some reason I never seem to get a good picture of a New Year's celebration. 
 2018 was another eventful year. We are excited to see what the new year brings. 

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