Sunday, March 3, 2019


October was a bit of a whirlwind.  I was home, but I couldn't find my kids anywhere.  Who is this cool looking incognito crew?  
 My activity day girls were incognito, too, with a mask making/ photo booth activity.  I love their creativity. 
 I think these kids missed me a little bit while I was gone. 
 Shadow discovered the softest bed in the yard.  She looks ridiculous when she tries to walk on the trampoline, but I guess she decided that it was worth the indignity when the trampoline is in the sun. 
 The second Saturday in October was my last weekend coaching soccer.  Whew.  We had a terrible time getting enough kids on the field to play for the Green Coyotes.  Sammy was okay at practice some of the time (he didn't really like not having all of my attention), but he hated going on the field for the games.  A lot of kids his age dislike having to share the ball with others. 
 They hung in there for the snack.  At least a few of them did.  We were a pretty sparse group by the end of the last game. 
 We did a little better with the Purple Polar Bears.  At least most of the kids who showed up were willing to go on the field for games.  One of the dads, Aron, was a lifesaver when he stepped in to be my assistant coach.  I survived my first experience as a volunteer coach.  Barely. 
 October 14 we were at church and my friend Kelsey was in labor.  When she and Greg decided to leave church so that she could go have her baby, we brought their older kids home.  When Todd went to get Emily from primary she wasn't having it, but I told her it was just for a play date, and her dad would come and get her soon, so she consented to come over.  Party at the Knights' house!
 Katie is my favorite.  I hope Sammy sticks with his plan to grow up and marry her. 
  The delivery went smoothly, and Greg came to pick the girls up before dinner so that they could go meet their new little brother, Easton. 
B started to be afraid of Sasquatch since we saw the warning sign for Bigfoot at Snoqualmie Falls in August. Fortunately, a very well timed movie came out to make Bigfoot not scary.  We had a family outing.  Going to the movies is a special treat. 
 Jared got his school picture.  His smile is almost normal, and his eyes look happy, so I'm pretty pleased with the picture. 
 Our couch is always scattered with books.  This drives us crazy, but we can't stop our little readers, and they aren't trained well enough to always put their books away. 
 We went to the zoo with the Christensens.  Here we are with the year's favorite animal, the Tapir. 
 We were at St. Edward State Park and we ran into Kelsey with baby Easton.  You can't tell from the picture, but Easton is a miniature of his sister, Emily.  The girls were there, too, but not sitting still for pictures. 
 Photo credit goes to Eloise. 
 Our temple was still closed, so we drove up to the Vancouver, B.C. temple.  The Christensens met us there. 
 We took turns going into the temple and watching the kids run around in the field. 
 We got a group photo before we went to McDonald's for lunch.  Canadian McDonald's is pretty much the same as United States McDonald's, with the one exception of poutine on the menu.  I didn't really think that McDonald's poutine would be the best introduction to Canada's native dish, and I view non-fast food gravy as suspect at best, so I didn't partake of it. 
 Ice creams all around after lunch. 
 Eloise got Isabella's hand me down cowboy boots, and didn't take them off except for bed for a solid week.  How cute is she?
 When the kids are at school, I have one little helper who thinks that he should be allowed to drive the car, now that he knows how to pump gas.  I have to keep an eye on him. 
 For Reflections this year, Jared entered a musical composition. Eloise entered a painting. 
 B entered a self portrait, and an action story.  His portrait has thought bubbles that show his super powers. I love that when B heard the theme of heroes, the first hero he thought of was himself.  I also love the angry eyebrows and the pointy ears. 
He is a hero.  I think wearing Daddy's glasses gives him laser vision. 

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