Saturday, March 9, 2019


November starts with Todd's birthday.  Traditionally, I forget all about Todd's birthday until three days before because of all of the hubbub of Halloween.  This year I was a little bit more on top of planning, and Todd's birthday fell on a weekend, so we went bowling.  
Todd and I have never gone bowling together.  This is kind of unbelievable to me.  

Don't let Sammy's screaming face fool you.  The kids all loved bowling.  Sammy was screaming because he was VERY angry that we didn't get to bowl anymore.  Happy birthday, Todd!
Autumn arrived in earnest.  The Japanese maple tree in our front yard dumped all of its leaves at once. 
With B home in the afternoons, we had a chance to go to the zoo (wearing matching turkey shirts, no less) while the other kids were still in school. 
B got a new robot backpack when his old backpack experienced catastrophic failure. 
Sammy never quite got over being the world's scariest lion for Halloween.  He is solidly in the phase that my girlfriends like to call "threenager." 
B cut his own hair.  I don't want to admit how long it took me to notice.  He took a big chunk out of the front of his hair, and then a big lock off the top. 
After cutting it all with clippers there was still an uneven spot right on the top of his head.  It isn't too noticeable.  We're calling this a casualty of being five. 
The kids' schools went all out with their Veteran's Day celebrations, which is fantastic.  Jared's teacher is part of a big military family, and both schools had assemblies to honor veterans.  At Jared's school the program was a little long, but the school choir sang, and they are pretty amazing.  We sent in a picture of Uncle Andrew in his army uniform to be played in the slideshow.  At Jared's school the slideshow featuring veteran relatives and staff members was read aloud so that each serviceman or woman could be honored individually.  At the other kids' school, the slideshow was put together by Eloise's teacher, who made a hilarious error.  If you can't read this, it says that Andrew is the dad of Eloise and Benjamin Knight.  This played on a loop in the background of the entire program, so we got to giggle more than once.  When I sent a picture of the slide to Andrew, he said, "You can't prove it and I'm not paying child support!"  Happy veteran's day, Andrew.  Sorry to accidentally honor you by attributing two extra kids to you. 
We enjoyed a fall Saturday on our roller skates. 
One Sunday morning, expanded ward council meeting left one family in our ward without anyone at home to watch their little guy, so they dropped him off at our house.  Sammy and B loved having Rock at our house all morning.  They got ready for church double fast so that they had more time to play with Rock. 
Eloise and B got their school pictures.  Their expressions aren't totally natural, but they could have been much weirder, so I'm happy.  Last year Eloise had a deer in the headlights look and it took about fifteen tries to make her look human.  This is definitely better. 
B's smile didn't make it to his eyes, but I'd say this is pretty solid for a kindergarten picture.
Speaking of our kindergartener, B had a birthday!  For his sixth birthday, he invited a few friends (Lucas, Greyson, Sydney, Noah, and Emily) to come over in their pajamas for a brunch party.  I was pretty proud of my "cake."  I crammed a lot of cinnamon rolls into a pan, baked them, then turned the pan upside down and frosted the cinnamon roll cake.  Hardly any was left, so making a fake cake was no mistake.
It was a blast.
Happy birthday, six year old! 
We had a little family celebration at Chick-fil-A, which is fine dining with kids. 
September was chaotic with school starting, October was high stress and chaotic with my trip to New York, followed by getting diagnosed with arthritis in my foot, recurrence of my childhood strabismus, and several weeks of stress/exhaustion/muscle tension headaches, then Halloween.  In November things finally started to get into a routine and feel normal.  And then we had Thanksgiving. 

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