Monday, March 18, 2019

How December Started

I swear I don't do this on purpose, but December always seems to be our "see how much we can cram into one month" month.  This year actually felt a little slower because the kids were in school for more than half the month. Brace yourselves.  
We started with decorating our Christmas tree.  I voted for white lights on the tree, but, as happens every year, I was outvoted.  
Shadow did not approve of us going to Tucson and leaving her, so she tore apart our decrepit back fence, escaping from the yard six times while we were gone.  That was stressful.  As soon as we came home she had to have a good bath and get moved indoors.  She loves being inside with the kids, but she is a pest whenever I sit on the couch because she thinks that I am always waiting to play with her.  She drops a toy in my lap every single time I sit down. 
 There isn't a lot of daylight left when we go to meet Jared in the park after school, so reflective gear was essential for December and January.  I guess this day was a bit much for Sammy. 
 When we hosted preschool, we made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and frosting. 
 When the older kids came home (I picked B up after lunch until the end of the year), they wanted to make gingerbread houses, too.  This was a good way to get rid of a lot of Halloween candy. 
 The task got more challenging by the time the oldest kids got home, since the frosting was getting pretty dry, but they managed.  In the end it's about eating the candy, right? 
 I found lots of awesome Eloise self portraits.  I promise her bedroom is not actually warm enough for her to sleep in tank tops, but she does not believe that fact. 
 For the first Thursday of the month we met Rebecca and our friend Eliza at the Nordic Heritage Museum for story time and free museum day.  They just opened in their new location, which is beautiful, but parking is more complicated (and less free).  Sammy and I parked on the street and walked, since I'm too cheap to pay for parking in Ballard.  The new location is only three blocks away from the locks and botanical gardens. 
 This is how we love each other in our house. 
 B and Sammy do get along pretty well.  The afternoons were much more lively with B coming home early. 
 We had a church Christmas party.  Santa made an appearance.  It would have been very efficient of me to get a picture of all of my kids with Santa at the same time, but no such luck, so bear with me. 
Jared asked Santa for Heelys, which are sneakers with wheels in the heels.  A lot of his fellow cub scouts have them, and he does not want to be left behind. 
 B asked for new Christmas socks, since he has gone through about five shoe sizes since he got Christmas socks last year.  And Heelys. 
 Eloise wanted heelys and a flippy shirt, with sequins that change colors when you rub them. 
 Sammy wanted only one thing: Doctor toys.  He saw a play doctor kit at his friend Katie's house, and he decided that he needs to be a doctor when he grows up, and he needs to start now by practicing with doctor toys.  He was not interested in a candy cane, and he did not want to sit on Santa's lap, but he did want to make sure that Santa got the message. 
 We went to the Bellevue Festival of the Nativity.  The kids had a great time doing to scavenger hunt and visiting all of the rooms while Todd went to the temple next door. 
 Sammy had Megan's name for Christmas, and he was adamant that what she wanted was a rainbow.  As time went on, it became clear that the person with the rainbow obsession is not Megan, but Sammy, but Todd cut out some rainbow pieces for Sammy to paint for Megan. 
Here is how it turned out on one side.  The colors were different on the other side. 
 I spread out a bunch of art supplies on the table and told B to do whatever he wanted for Rachel.  This is what he came up with.  The only help I gave was with the glue gun.  He's a pretty impressive little creator. 
Jared was inspired by B's work to make this sort of steam punk variation for McKenzie.  I think it's pretty cool.  
 Eloise went with a gift that was a little less work, getting a stuffed lion and a book for Ryan. 
Since Christmas was coming, B decided to make sure he was wearing all of the Christmas colors for church. 
I think the striped bow tie with the plaid shirt makes a pretty bold statement.  Don't you agree?

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