Sunday, March 3, 2019


One thing that came as a surprise to me when the kids started public school was how quickly the school day flies by.  I thought I would have time to tackle projects when the kids weren't underfoot all day, but some days it seems like I have just cleared the breakfast dishes when the kids get home from school.  With Halloween approaching, each of the kids had a specific idea what he or she wanted to be for Halloween.  My idea was to keep things as simple as possible.  First we had to raid our dress up box for inspiration.  Batman/cowboy?
 Hawaiian wolf? 
 Tiny clown? 
 In the end I hit the thrift store to see what I could find.  B's spider monkey ambitions got turned into the simpler sock monkey. 
 I got myself a witch hat so I can fall back on the easiest costume ever.  I mean, what witch hat?  I'm wearing my everyday clothes. . .
 Eloise's crow mask and wings (made out of one of my old skirts), and B's painted sock tail, were my only creative contributions to Halloween this year.  Sammy was the world's SCARIEST elephant, as he told everybody. 
 Sammy wanted to be scary because Jared wanted to be scary.  He was a reaper. 
 Here's the whole crew on the way to Google Halloween.  We went this year because the Blackwelders and the Christensens were going to be there, but it wasn't very exciting, and the Christensens showed up right before we left without even wearing their costumes.  We will probably skip this particular celebration next year.  Even the kids weren't impressed. 
 We made outlines of the kids for them to decorate for our church trunk or treat.  B wanted his outline to be a monster with a tail.  Yes, I promise it's a tail.  It was pouring rain, so we ended up moving our trunk or treat indoors, which made B and Sammy extremely hot.  It's tough to wear the right clothes for the weather when Halloween may be inside or outside. 
 We carved pumpkins. I almost forgot about the pumpkins. I would have been in a lot of trouble. 
 The kids had Halloween parties and a costume parade at school.  Eloise was at the very front of the parade! 
By the time we got to trick or treating, everyone was already tired from all of the day's excitement, although no one would admit it.  We trick or treated around the block, and then the little guys were ready to go home.  Jared, Eloise, and Kelly (who came with us) wanted to hit a few more houses, but we only made it to three more houses before they decided they were tired. 
Happy Halloween!

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