Sunday, March 3, 2019

Getting a little Elo-wheezy

I was about to post about November, but I realized that four fifths of the pictures I had in my November album were taken by Eloise, so here are a few of my favorites, with captions by Eloise. 
 Getting exercise and staying happy.
 Oh, brother. Brothers are a bother. 
 Sometimes. I drag this kid in a lot. 
I learned how to time the pictures and zoom.  
 Now I have fewer teeth.  I have about sixteen.
Is this my selfie?!
 Do we both look like zombies?
 Mom says I'm adorable. 
 I wonder what I'm looking up at.
 In this picture you can see my brain and my snot and my tongue. 
 Mom likes my eyes in this picture. 
 Kaylee is in my class.  She's teeny.  
 I'm so good lookin'!
 No, you so good lookin'!
I think I should think about it for a little bit. 

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