Sunday, March 17, 2019

Arizona Thanksgiving II

Since we were on vacation while the other kids were back in school, we had our first miniature golf adventure at Golf 'n' Stuff.  When we went to buy tickets, we found out about a groupon that allowed us to golf a round and ride one of the rides for almost the same price as just golfing.  The ride was just for four of us, but since B and Sammy had to ride with a grown up, and there wasn't exactly a line for rides in the middle of a school day, they let us all ride the bumper boats.  
Golfing was fun, for a while.  We did ten holes. 
Family activities are fun.  The kids loved all the knight themed stuff in the Golf 'n' Stuff castle. 
We left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa while we got together with our friends.  Dan and Katie and Bud and Karen are in the same ward, so they see each other all the time.  We might be a little jealous. 
After school on Wednesday, everyone met up at the Flandrau Science Center at the U of A.  The kids played in the gift shop while we waited for Justin and Marie to get there.  This was pretty cool.  We weren't there for a planetarium show, but there were a lot of fun brain challenging puzzles. 
Eloise was in the midst of a rocks and minerals unit at school, so she was delighted with the lower level mineral displays. 
Thursday was our last day in Tucson.  We were watching Megan for the morning, so we went to the zoo. 

This is such a perfect depiction of all of the personalities here.  Megan sits on the crocodile's mouth, because she's the boss here. Sammy approaches from the rear, ready to tame the best.  B sits in the middle looking cool, and Jared and Eloise run for their lives. 
We love the Reid Park Zoo elephants.  We have missed having elephants in Seattle since they went away. 
All too soon (but very late in the day) it was time to go home.  We amused ourselves in the airport by taking selfies. 
Possibly the boys would have fallen asleep on the plane without movies keeping them up, but most likely they wouldn't have. 
We got home nice and late (after midnight), and the kids still had school on Friday.  They were only slightly exhausted.  All in all they held up better than I expected. 
Thanksgiving was over, and so was November, so Sammy, B, and I stopped at the thrift store for new to us Christmas jammies while we were out in the rain to get groceries on Friday. They had to be worn immediately. 
Hurrah for Christmas!  We were excited to start the festivities. 

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