Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Almost Christmas!

It was that time of year again. Lights were twinkling, bells were jingling, anticipation was in the heart of every child. It was time to go to the dentist.  Eloise had a mega cavity, which she had go back to have filled after Christmas. Jared went a second time in December with Eloise to have his chipped tooth reconstructed.  They repaired it with the stuff they use for fillings, so it's pretty fragile, and he can't bite into apples anymore.  
 Sammy wanted to do some experiments, so we made rainbow water, and did a few other messy things.  It's fun to discover together. 
 Since September I had been resenting the cooler weather.  While I love having the kids in school, I also miss all of the fun we used to have when it was warm out.  I decided that we should embrace winter, starting with a trip to the ice skating rink.  Apparently everyone else in Kirkland had the same idea, and the ice was kind of mobbed.
 Jared was pretty good.  Eloise was slow, but independent.  B clung to us like a drowning man clings to a rope.  Sammy didn't really have any fun at all until some other kids abandoned this walker.  Then he started to get the hang of ice, just when the rest of the kids were getting tired. 
 This was a really fun family activity.  We will definitely be doing this again. 
 Eloise was the star student in her class.  She got to fill out a poster about herself.  She worked really hard on it, only to find that her younger brothers had "helped" her with it in the night the day before it was due. We patched over their doodles with scrapbook paper and stickers.  Eloise is a superstar!
 B had a brilliant idea that we should paint the walls in our house to look like the outdoors, walking in a forest.  I told him he was welcome to practice in the laundry room.  Sammy also wanted to paint.  I think he painted a rainbow maker. 
 B is always creating things.  He built this giant paper jet to hang on his wall as part of a large airport mural made of paper. 
 Jared had his first band concert.  Todd and Eloise were elected to go support him while I had to stay home and put the little bros in bed. 
 I'm sure it was great. I know Jared is getting really good on the trumpet.  I was surprised how quickly he picked it up.  He can transpose in his head already.  It took me until high school to transpose in my head. 
 They had crazy hair and hat day at Jared's school.  He broke out the wig we got for B a few months ago.  It's a little worse for wear, but it was definitely crazy. 
 B and Sammy practiced letters using wheat berries in a 9 x 13 pan.  They are both very tactile learners.  While these younger kids have gotten less overt instruction than the older kids got, their brains are sponges, and they learn very quickly. 
 We had a Blackwelder party with the kids while Sherrie and Ethan went on a date.  While the boys played Monopoly Deal,
 The girls drew pictures using YouTube tutorials.  Eloise's favorite channel is Kids Art Hub.  They go step by step through line drawing.  Isabella really enjoyed it.  B, our resident artist, also likes it a lot. 
 When you see a bunch of kids smooshed together in the woods, it can only mean one thing: they are catching Pokemon.  Our Sunday afternoon walk/ Pokemon hunt is a tradition in all weather. 
 All of a sudden it was Christmas Eve!  These children have long memories, so they woke up on Christmas Eve morning demanding Santa pancakes.  Fortunately I had all of the necessary ingredients. 
 We rolled, cut, baked, and decorated about a million gingerbread cookies (for Santa, you know?).  I thought that I would be left with enormous numbers of cookies to decorate after the kids each did one or two, but Eloise caught the decorating bug.  Her cookies looked fantastic.  In the future, I aspire to actually getting the cookies rolled, cut, baked, decorated, and delivered to neighbors, but this was a good start. 
 We had a family concert for Christmas Eve.  I got my white lights hung in the sun room to make it a twinkly and festive stage. 
 Each of the kids is developing their talents.  This was a fun way to display what they have learned. 
 We tried a group version of "The Friendly Beasts," but it wasn't well rehearsed, since I mostly forgot we were planning to do it. 
 We acted out the Nativity, and watched the Bible Video depiction of the birth of Jesus
 The stockings were laid by the chimney with care, and then, a miracle!  Eloise let me pull one of her loose teeth!  Loose teeth make Eloise nervous.  The first one she lost got so loose, without any encouragement from her, that it fell out when B hugged her suddenly.  She doesn't want to talk about a loose tooth even if I can see the roots, and it is hanging sideways out of her mouth. 
The tooth fairy and Santa were going to have to fight for supremacy in our house.  We didn't know if we would get money in the stockings and presents under our pillows.  Merry Christmas!

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