Saturday, February 9, 2019

Summer's Last Hurrah

As part of our library's summer reading program, they promised Wild Waves tickets as a halfway prize.  As it turned out, they had a VERY limited number of Wild Waves tickets to give out, and since we were in Utah when the halfway prizes came available, we had no chance of getting Wild Waves tickets.  Fortunately, we have awesome friends who got extra tickets for us. Thanks, Christensens! The day we had planned to go to Wild Waves together ended up being one of the smokiest days of our August, so we decided to wait rather than exposing tiny baby Christensen to the dangerous air.  Then kids started taking turns being sick, and it never worked out for us to go at the same time as the Christensens, but we did manage to get to Wild Waves on August 31. It was a cool and overcast day, so we decided to start with rides and hope it warmed up for water later.  
 Jared was very excited to try out a roller coaster, so he went for the first one he came to.  He was just tall enough to be allowed on, and it was a pretty serious roller coaster with upside down loops.  I couldn't go with him and leave the other kids behind, so he went by himself and he did NOT like it.  It took a lot of convincing to get him on any of the other rides after that.  He wouldn't even go anywhere near the kiddie coaster, which Eloise and B loved, but Sammy hated (until he heard Eloise and B talking about how much they liked it, then he liked it a lot!).  
 We had the small kid area of the park to ourselves for a while.
  B, Eloise, and Sammy rode cars and boats while Jared rode a kangaroo ride. 
 Then Eloise went with Jared to try the kangaroo while B and Sammy rode rockets.  They were absolutely delighted. 
 We ate amusement park food, and we didn't even die.  There were a lot of wasps around the tables, though. 
 After lunch the kids did a train ride together.  The train did a loop so slow I could have walked faster.  Jared pretended that he wasn't excited every time I pointed a camera at him, but he actually kind of loved it. 
 I caught a picture when he didn't think I was taking pictures, and he was having a great time. 
 We did a spinning ride together.  Sammy liked it, but it went on too long for him. 
 Eloise wanted to do one more ride, but her brothers were done.  She must have wanted it a lot, though, because my most stranger averse child was willing to ride with another mom and girl who looked about her age while I waited with the boys. 
I thought it was still too cold to swim, but we were at a water park, so my little fish insisted.  Jared took himself up to the giant water slide while we played on this water playground.  The water was frigid.  The rules were not too strict, so they let me stand at the bottom of the slides and catch Sammy and B when they came down in water slightly too deep for them.  When Jared came back from doing his huge slide, we went to the wave pool and played for a little while as the day finally warmed up enough for water play to make sense. 
 Our Wild Waves trip was a highlight of the summer, and of the year.  We will definitely try to make another trip next summer. 
 Our temple in Seattle closed for three months, so we used September 1 to take a trip to Portland to the temple.  We would have gone to the Vancouver, B.C. Temple, since it is closer to us, but I was waiting for my passport to arrive.  I had to renew it when it expired in July. 
 Portland is a long drive.  Eloise knows how to pass the time with a camera. 

 On September 2 I came home from church tired.  Todd had a meeting after church, so the kids decided it would be the best thing ever to bury me in underwear.  Yep.  This is my life. 
 Labor day is the last day before school starts here, so we had to live it up. 
 We had the Christensens over to roast stuff and play in our yard. 
 They worked on the trench B and Kelly had started.  B is very interested in landforms, and he loves creating 3 dimensional landscape models.  I believe they dug a river and lake. 
This was the end of our carefree homeschool days.  We had quite a summer.

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