Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Jared & Eloise's Backpacking Trip

Guest post by Jared.
I went on a back packing trip with some of the Christensens and Eloise.   ⛺On the way, I saw a creepy house that had wrecked cars in its garage and a chicken coop.  We drove to a rocky trail head.  We had recently passed a sign that said there was a burn ban, so that meant no fires. 
We hiked up the steep trail until we found our campsite.  It was at Mirror Lake.  We were hot from our hike, so we needed a little dip in the lake.
Dinner was uncooked bratwurst because Dad forgot the hot dogs, and we couldn't have a fire.  Here is Eloise posing with her mustache.  She sure grows a lot of facial hair when she forgets to shave on a campout. 
Here's Grant posing. 
That's me! It was my ninth birthday. I had just turned old enough to grow a mustache, apparently. 
Here's Max, and behind him, just out of sight, was a rock that somebody pooped on.  Everybody had fun digging their own poop holes. 
Max had a snack exchange. That's where we give the Christensen group snacks from our tent and Max gives us the Christensens' snacks.  We were sure glad we had all those snacks when dinner didn't work out. 
I figured out that I wasn't at the real mirror lake, so I went on a hike to find it.  Isn't the sunset beautiful?  There was a lot of wildfire smoke.
It was rough getting to bed. We played a couple of games of "One Night Ultimate Werewolf," and "Loot Letter."  Eventually we dozed off. 
The next day we went out and played capture the flag.  Later, we had fun catching frogs.  Everybody tried to catch some, but there were few lucky receivers. 
The hike home was steep, and we were all tired out from a great camping trip. 

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