Saturday, February 9, 2019

First Days of School

September 4 was the first day of school.  Eloise could not wait.  
 Jared was a little less eager and a little more anxious, but he was looking forward to a new experience. 
 Jared goes to a different school from the other kids.  The district did provide buses to his school, but he would have had to arrive at the other kids' school to catch the bus ten minutes before the bus from our neighborhood dropped him off there.  Since Jared's school is actually closer to our house walking than the other kids' school is, we decided that he would walk or bike to school, even though this means crossing a very busy street without a crossing guard.  Most of the time I walked him to school, or at least across the busy street.  For the first day we biked. 
 But first we saw Eloise onto her bus. 
 Since kindergarten didn't start for three more days, Sammy and B spent the first day of school at the zoo.  Note the interesting wardrobe choices B is making.  I think he wanted it to be summer, but Washington decided that September 1 was the end of short sleeves weather this year.  Arm warmers to the rescue!  Sammy was already in his fleece hoodie, since I was dressing him for the weather. 
 Benjamin's hand isn't quite as big as an orangutan's, but if he keeps eating five pancakes at a time. . .

 I was dreading B starting school and leaving Sammy home to rule the roost.  I was convinced that Sammy would turn into a tyrant when he was home alone with me.  I wasn't wrong. 
 B could not wait to start kindergarten.  He has been dying to make dozens of new friends.  He really wanted to ride the bus for his first day. Eloise was also on the bus, so I didn't worry about him. 
 Todd drove to the school to meet the bus, which was good because there was a little drop off ceremony with parents that we hadn't known about. 
I wasn't too worried about B starting school, since he was almost six already, loved to write and draw, and was very confident in his social skills.  Little did I know how challenging the transition to public school would be for all of us. 

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