Saturday, February 2, 2019

August Part I

With the beginning of August, we still had a month left until school started, so we had lots of time left for park days.  St. Edward State Park does an education series for kids every summer. The first one in August was all about beekeeping.  
 For the first Thursday of the month we met the Blackwelders and the Christensens at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.  This outing could have been planned a little better, since we inadvertently picked Seafair week to visit, and the Museum of Flight was a center for Seafair activities (the blue angels were parked there).  It was MOBBED.  Just finding a parking space took ages.  The kids had a great time with their friends, though. 
 Jared even stood in line for a turn sitting in the cockpit of this fighter jet. 
 Kelly spent one last weekend with us so that he could go to church with his church family. 
 We know that Kelly's favorite thing is water, so we went to the Lynnwood pool. 
 This may be my favorite picture of the year.  It's a pretty good summary of what we do with our Sunday afternoons. 
 August is our reliably warm month, so we had to get some beach trips in.  This was a day at Houghton Beach Park. 

 On August 8 we traded Jared to the Christensens for Price and met up with some friends at the zoo. 
 These guys are great friends. 
 August is peach time! This year I decided I was stretched a little bit thin, so I didn't can any peaches.  I'm proud of my restraint.  Of course, halfway between last years peaches and this year's peaches we are down to our last two jars, but we can probably live without peaches, right? I guess we will find out.
 In the hottest of hot summer, our refrigerator stopped keeping food cool.  I spent a few weeks assuming that the kids were leaving the refrigerator door open, but, eventually I had to acknowledge that neither the fridge nor the freezer were really up to scratch anymore.  We upgraded to a larger model that makes ice and dispenses water.  It also has an alarm that lets us know if the door has been left open, which is a nice feature.  I never bothered to document our kitchen's latest accessory. Fortunately I have a house full of kids who love to document EVERYTHING, so I have dozens of pictures just like this one:
 Jared started producing a weekly newspaper during the summer. He had hoped that he would be able to continue his publication during the school year, but his school program started out very time consuming, and the paper had to be set aside for a while.  Everyone in the family contributed content, and Jared did interviews and edited photos to accompany stories. 
 He learned a lot, and I hope he will revive The Weekly Knight when school allows. 
 Kirkland celebrated summerfest.  While it wasn't as kid friendly as it has been in previous years (no art station this year), we still had a good time wandering around looking at all of the booths of local art and food vendors. 
 The kids' stamina has improved, so they can wander all over downtown without getting tired and whiny.  Todd met us at summerfest after work and came home with us. 
 Jared shares Todd's love of board games, and pores over rule books to learn new games.  Eloise likes to play.  B struggles a little more with losing, especially since he is only beginning to understand some of the rules.  Sammy likes to be included on someone's team, but most of the time his favorite game is "Ponies." It's a My Little Ponies version of Candy Land.  Sammy loves ponies, unicorns, and rainbows.  He is my sparkle child. 
 We signed up for one of the last sessions of swim lessons at Peter Kirk pool before they closed for the summer.  I managed to get the kids, in all of their different levels, in lessons that were within the same hour.  Everyone LOVED swim lessons. 
 Sammy probably loved swim lessons more than anyone else, but was way too absorbed in swimming to pose for pictures. 
Unfortunately, wildfires on the other side of the mountains created smoky conditions and the city cancelled all outdoor activities for several days.  Then Sammy got hand-foot-mouth disease, and couldn't go to swim class.  So much for our brilliant swim lesson plan.  :(
 One day I was peeling a cucumber for dinner and Sammy decided it looked like the most delicious thing in the world, and insisted that he have it. I feed this family cucumber all of the time, so I don't know why he seemed so surprised when he tasted his "Tewtumber."  He made a good dent in it for the sake of his pride, then gave it back so I could cut up the remainder for dinner. 
 We went to the store looking for some shoes for Cheyenne's kids, since shopping options are so limited where she lives, and to scope out the store for an activity days shopping activity.  Sammy, my rainbow-sparkle-leprechaun, thought that these cheetah shoes would make him run fast.  I told him that they don't make these in his size, and he was a bit disappointed.  He was also disappointed that I didn't get them for myself, but I don't wear size 11. 
 B is an artist.  He draws and colors constantly.  We started to have a problem with him remembering which surfaces were appropriate to draw on, since he is constantly in creative mode, and he was jealous that I got to paint my accent wall, but I didn't give him a wall to design for himself.  So I gave him a wall.  I turned the laundry room over to the kids. 
 I've always kind of hated the aqua color of the walls in the laundry room.  I think that they have improved it a lot.  Maybe I should have covered the aqua first since I never want to paint over their artwork now. 
 According to tradition, Jared's birthday is celebrated with a campout every year.  This year, Jared, Eloise, and Todd went with Grant, Max, and Cambell, for a backpacking trip on August 17.  Sammy wanted to help try out Jared's pack. 
 It turned into an infamous trip of misadventures. An account from one of the fearless adventurers is forthcoming. 
You can't beat a sunny, smoky day for a mountain adventure. 

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