Saturday, February 9, 2019

August Continued

Todd, Jared, and Eloise got back from their camping adventure on August 18.  On August 19 B and Sammy woke up with fevers and had to stay home from church.  I turned on a devotional to watch, and they both dozed off in front of the TV.  This illness was short lived.  
 August was the month of a zillion Eloise selfies. 
 Although she occasionally branched out to taking pictures of our dorky dog.
 Eloise finished her Captain Awesome portrait on the laundry room wall. 
 Benjamin did a purple spaceship (because, as everyone knows, aliens love all things purple), a train, and an American flag. 
 Before assigning kindergarteners to classes, our elementary school asks each of the students to come at an assigned time for a mini class/ assessment.  We went to pick up some school supplies before B's assessment, and, on the way, Benjamin announced that the torn up jeans he had dressed himself in were not acceptable as school clothes. He is funny about what he wears. We had to grab some new clothes along with the school supplies because there weren't a lot of pants left in his drawer without big holes.  Can you tell he was excited? 
 Jared got some sweet birthday gifts.  He loves his headphones and his "I speak fluent sharkasm" shirt. Thanks, grandparents!
 We had a celebration with just our family. 
 Grandma and Grandpa Knight came up for a few days to get away from the Arizona August heat. 
 Eloise took more selfies. . .
 We love it when Grandma and Grandpa come. 
 We went to Snoqualmie Falls. 
 The kids were delighted with the Sasquatch warning sign.  They had seen something similar at the Washington State History Museum. 
 Sammy fit perfectly in this hollow log. 
 The way trees grow is a marvel. 
 B wanted a picture of his block airplane.  He is a very good designer. 
 Grandma is the most patient story reader. 
 Sammy was VERY upset when Grandma and Grandpa left.  I wish we didn't live so far apart. 

Another Eloise selfie:
 We went to a presentation about reptiles at Wild Wednesday at St. Edward State Park.  We were afraid it would be cancelled because of smoke, but it wasn't.  The presenter accidentally locked all of her live reptiles inside her car when she arrived, so we all spread out on the grass and broke out the snacks while she taught us all kinds of things about reptiles and waited for AAA to come unlock her car.  The animals were worth the wait. 
 I was surprised that no one left, even though a 45 minute presentation ended up lasting nearly two hours. 
 Holding stick bugs and feeding turtles was pretty cool. 
 B and Eloise's school held a meet and greet the Thursday before school started.  Eloise caught the fever that the little guys had had and was in no condition to go meet her teachers.  When I went to meet them, they turned out to be exactly Eloise's kind of people.  When they heard she couldn't come, they said, "Take pictures!"  I knew they would be a perfect fit for Eloise. 
Her classroom is fantastic.  Mrs. Frost and Mrs. Brown have it decorated from floor to ceiling. Every desk has alternative seating (exercise balls, wobble chairs, and fidget bands around the chair legs), and the teachers are always smiling.  I was glad to see Eloise going into a classroom that would fit her so well with so many unknowns about starting public school. 

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