Wednesday, January 2, 2019

March 2018

We were as busy as usual in March. Here are a few highlights. . . and misadventures. Sammy started the month with a major wipe out on his bike. He lost control going down the steep hill into our neighborhood park, veered out in front of a car, and caught himself with his face. Fortunately the driver saw me sprinting down the hill after him and stopped to give Sammy room to crash on his own.  We called him Two Face, but he didn't think it was funny.  
 Losing half the skin on Sammy's face didn't stop us from having a ferry adventure the very next day.  We took the Bainbridge Island Ferry to go to the children's museum. 
  The children's museum did not disappoint.
 It's really the ferry rides that the kids love, though.  We don't need an excuse to joy ride on the ferry. 
 That very night we had pizza night at the Christensen's house.
 We had some adventures in St. Edward State Park.  I have a lot of pictures like this of exciting nature treasures that we weren't allowed to bring home. 
 We love a good picnic by a frigid lake in the dead of winter.  Who doesn't? 
 I almost didn't include this picture because these trees are so common in our woods, but I decided that the kids might want to look back and remember their Seattle trees, if they ever leave this beautiful place.  Don't do it, kids! 
 Swimming makes us happy.
 We went to St. Edward State Park again and divided into two groups.  The small kids stayed at the playground with Rebecca, and the big kids tackled the daunting South Rim Trail. It is so steep that we almost need to climb with our hands for a little while. 
 On Sunday afternoons we take ourselves out for a walk if the weather isn't terrible. 
 We went to the zoo with the Christensens.  It must have been spring break or something.  We homeschoolers don't keep track of those things. 
 Sammy took me on a date to Chick fil A.
 B went on a date with Daddy. 
 For Pi day we started working on our garden.  I'm not entirely sure why we bother, since Shadow is going to eat all of the good stuff anyway, but it is satisfying to dig in the dirt. 
 Todd and I went to Olympia to see Brian Regan.  This was a fun date.  Traffic was horrible. 
 This is the best photo we took of our family all year. 
 Jared had a pinewood derby with cub scouts.  He painstakingly painted his car, only to have it vandalized by some little brother assistants who wanted to help decorate.  I believe this was the second painting.  Maybe it added a little weight. 
 Jared loves cub scouts. 
 This is a photo of Sammy cleaning out the car and singing, "Let it Go," even though he has never seen "Frozen."  What is it about that song that makes it so memorable and universally appealing to preschoolers? 
 Okay, so maybe the weather was a little bit cold, but four pairs of pants might be overkill, Eloise. 
 Sammy took Mom for another date. This time we went to McDonald's and he bought us ice cream cones. 
 Todd tore all of the wood paneling out of the library and painted a mural.  Eloise is in love with this.
 Jared made this dolphin to give to Dorothy for her birthday. 
 When we were at the children's museum at the beginning of the month, B walked through the gift shop and asked for a very long snake that was for sale there.  We already had two stuffed snakes, so I told him I wasn't going to buy one.  He got it into his head that he would make an even longer one, and he did it.  Meet Snakus: the world's longest stuffed snake. 
 Jared decided that he will be an electrical engineer when he grows up.  He will start by reading every instruction manual ever written. 
Suddenly spring was upon us.  Does it seem like that went by fast? 

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