Sunday, January 20, 2019

July Utah Trip

On July 16 we crammed a bunch of kids in the car and left for Utah.  I swear we don't watch videos all the time on road trips.  That is just when the kids are peaceful enough for me to snap a photo with all of their heads in it.  
 Anni, who is the director of Astro Camp, was enormously pregnant all summer.  Our kids were signed up to go to the last camp of the summer, which started July 17.  Anni had a c-section scheduled for the day after the last day of camp.  With her summer workload, she didn't make it.  Her water broke on July 14, and on July 15 John Neil Jensen was born.  He was named after our grandpa, who went by Jack for his whole life, so we call him Jack. 
Camp went on without Anni, who was recovering in the hospital for the duration of the final camp of the summer.  Jared, Kelly, Eloise, Maren, and B all went to astro camp.   
So Todd and I got little boy duty.  What does one do with a couple of crazy little dudes? We took Grandma Jill to D.I. to get something she needed.  
 Then we went to the hospital to check out James's new baby bro.  He is an absolute doll, and the spitting image of Grandma Charlie. 
 Yes, the boys needed swords to carry in their teeth through the hospital.  They are such cute little pirates that no one asked us to take our weapons outside. 
 We had great ambitions to do lots of fun activities after astro camp, but the kids were so drained when they got home that we maxed out at this really fun splash pad about a mile from Anni's house. 
 Kelly got a splash pad injury, but he absolutely loved all of the water play.  That is all he wanted to tell his mom about when she called. 
 Isn't this precious?  Sorry about the hospital gown portrait, Anni.  You guys are just so cute. 
 On day 2 of Astro Camp we went to the children's museum. 
 James kind of thinks he owns the place.  It was fun to watch them play and explore, except for when James disappeared. Twice.
 We made it to astro camp graduation safe and sound, and with all of the children we were supposed to have. 

 We were all so tired after astro camp that all we wanted to do was spend a couple more hours at the splash pad. 

 When Anni came home from the hospital, it was time for us to take our large crew and clear out.  Our plans kept fluctuating until we were pretty close to the date of needing another place to stay.  We ended up with this ENORMOUS AirBnB that had a ping pong table and an air hockey table.  We could easily have slept double the number of kids we had there. 
 We went back to Anni's so I could fix meals for everyone, and we could make sure Anni and baby Jack got as little quiet as possible.  I get the feeling Anni isn't too big on quiet, based on the parade of visitors in her hospital room, and the fact that she voluntarily had a third child. 
 Since Astro Camp was over we had the energy to go to an actual swimming pool.  This one had waves.  We played Marco Polo, sharks and minnows, and got thoroughly sunburned.  Jared even worked up the nerve to go off the diving board. 
 Look at this sweet tiny thing!  I am the new baby whisperer.  Or else Jack was peaceful for me because I move a lot.  He is so precious. 
 Back at our GIGANTIC AirBnB, I got some lovely portraits of sunburns to remember our trip by. 

 We drove home on July 20.  Kelly and Jared found these coke bottles with Kelly and Nina's names on them.  When we got home I printed out this picture and mailed it to Nina. I think this was the photo that cheered her up the most. 
 For some unidentified reason, Kelly is in love with Oregon.  Maybe he saw some VWs there.  He is also in love with old school volkswagens. 
The trip home went pretty smoothly.  When we got home we were really ready to hole up for a couple of days and recover from all of the travel and craziness of the last couple of weeks.  Of course rest isn't actually part of our vocabulary. 

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