Sunday, January 13, 2019

Eloise's second haircut

Right at the end of May, Miss Eloise, who, you will remember, recently had her hair chopped off, surfaced one morning with her hair looking a bit uneven on top.  When it came time to brush her hair in the morning I took a closer look and realized that some hair was missing.  Eloise, convinced that she was going to be in all kinds of trouble when I noticed her self trim, dove under a couch cushion wailing and wouldn't come out for so long that Sammy made a game out of diving under his own couch cushion in imitation.  When she finally calmed down enough to speak, and to believe that I wasn't one bit angry, Eloise explained that she had been bothered by the hair in her eyes that morning, and, finding a pair of barber's scissors handy in the downstairs bathroom, had cut the hair out of her eyes.  She led me downstairs and showed me where she had stashed the locks of hair in a cupboard.  
 Now, if I had stumbled upon a pile of hair in a cupboard looking like a dead rat, I would have been much more alarmed than I would have been to find a big wad of hair in the garbage can, but I guess fear is not rational.  She was trying to hide her impulsive haircut from me. 
To be honest, I was surprised, but I really found the whole situation hilarious.  I didn't laugh out loud.  Poor Eloise's sensibilities could not have handled it.  It was tough, though. 
 When Eloise had finally been coaxed out from under her cushion, and grew bold enough to explain her actions (and clean up the dead rat she had left in the cupboard), I took the scissors, a comb, and a cup of water, and put her in front of the mirror to straighten up the trim.  She made the first few cuts, and then I attempted to make it blend more naturally into the rest of her hair.  We were both pretty happy with how it turned out.
I hope Eloise has been empowered to continue solving her own problems without being ashamed of her efforts.  I did ask her to run future haircuts by me first, if possible. If we hadn't had a free hour to work through this challenge, this could have turned out a lot less positive for all of us. 
 Benjamin, on the other hand, wants more hair, not less. Todd told him he couldn't grow his hair long (too much maintenance), but he promised to buy him a long wig so that he could experience long hair. 
As expected, long hair was fun for approximately 45 seconds. 
 Sammy had to try it, too.  They both pronounced it too tickly. 
They thought they looked hilarious, but both of them decided that they were okay with letting me cut their hair as long as I let them grow their hair a little longer on top.  And that was the end of a very hairy saga. 

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