Sunday, January 20, 2019

Eloise and Daddy's great adventure

Guest post by Eloise.
There never has to be any excuse to make weird faces.  Even on the way to Mckenzie's baptism!
Here is the Knight baptism picture.
We went out for sludge.  Here we are, waiting for our eegees, after the baptism.
It felt like a long wait.  We were hot.
It was Peyton's birthday, and she had a LOT of presents to open.  It was fun jumping on the trampoline and seeing Grandma and Grandpa's new house, even though they got rid of their fish. 
Here is the birthday cat.
It was great to see cousins, and have fun, even if it was short.
Arizona is the best.  We wish we could stay in Arizona  just a little bit longer.
We love cousins.
And then we were back to normal Washington life. I wish we could stay longer at Tucson. I hope we go back soon.

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