Sunday, January 20, 2019

Cub Scout Camp Week

Tuesday, July 10, was the first day of Cub Scout Day Camp.  Parents were asked to volunteer two days for each child they sent to camp.  This year, for the first time ever, girls were invited.  Isabella and Ira Blackwelder moved in just in time.  Dorothy was also excited to be included.  
 Cambell is our stake's cub scout den master, and he had two boys at camp, so he went to all four days of camp.  At one point he also wore everybody's hats. 
 There were so many wood crafts!  When Jared got frustrated with his, I was really impressed when Andrew, an older scout, came over and patiently helped him to get caught up.
 Tuesday was also dress like a cow for a free Chicken sandwich day at Chick-fil-A.  Kelly found this absolutely humiliating.  I think you can see from his face how he feels about this. He absolutely did not trust me when I said that everyone there would be dressed like a cow.  The grumpy look disappeared a few minutes later when an adult in a full cow costume showed up, and he looked around and saw that hardly anyone in the restaurant wasn't dressed like a cow. Then, of course, there was a free sandwich, and a play area that was filled with kid/cows. 
 I think Kelly was also struggling with adjusting to early bedtime and early waking that we had to do for camp. An only child, Kelly is not used to waking up at the crack of dawn to catch the camp carpool.  He was a trooper. 

You leave a three year old unattended for five minutes, and he makes himself gloves out of face cream. 
 7-11 is free slurpee day!  We met up with the Blackwelders there.  We were lucky.  Even though it was a warm day, there was no line when we went in. 
 We hadn't planned on any of the girls going to cub scout camp, so we planned activity days for 7-11, too.  Dorothy and Bella were tired, but they made it.  This was one of our last activities with Dorothy because the Carvers bought a house in another ward and left us.  We are happy for them getting out of their tiny apartment, but sad to lose them to another neighborhood. 
 Staying in a house with other kids was an adjustment for Kelly.  My kids in particular have no boundaries, as you have seen before.  If someone is doing something interesting, they had better be ready to snuggle. 
 On Thursday I babysat Lucas and Landon Blackwelder while Sherrie volunteered at cub scout camp.  We went to the zoo, of course.  Landon was hilarious in the petting area.  He was delighted to be there, but he spent the whole time staying as far from every living animal as possible. 

 Eloise turned into a vicious predator in the butterfly garden. 
 And since a morning at the zoo isn't exhausting enough for a twenty month old, we went to Peter Kirk Park for sprinkler park after we were done at the zoo.  It was close to where we needed to pick up the cub scout campers, anyway. 
 Friday I went to cub scout camp again. 
 This was a lot of fun, and maybe a day (and three woodcrafts) longer than it absolutely needed to be, but Eloise can hardly wait to go with Jared (and Isabella) next summer. 
 To recover from a long week at camp, there is nothing like some trampoline sprinkler time. 
 And a Sunday afternoon craft. 
That was all the recovery time we got because the next day we were off to Utah.  

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