Sunday, January 6, 2019

April Part II

Back at home, it was life as usual for us. We played pie face for a family home evening activity.  
 The sun came out and the weather warmed up. 
 Our field trip to the Northwest African American Museum was almost too hot.  We ate lunch in the shade on the Jimi Hendrix plaza. 
 Across the street from the museum is the Seattle Children's Playgarden. 
The kids went to take your child to work day with Todd.
 As soon as the weather warms up the kids want to play with fire in the back yard. 
 The warming trend was temporary. We prepared for months for a family 5K, but, when the day came, it was pouring freezing rain.  We toughed it out, but it was pure misery.  Somehow the kids came out of it wanting to do another 5K, except for Sammy.  He truly hated it.  The poor kid was freezing for 3.1 miles on his bike. 
 We still had the energy to go on a Sunday afternoon bike ride.  Benjamin's $7 thrift store bike has been very reliable, and he is a force on two wheels, but the chain occasionally falls off. 
 Sammy wiped out on his bike and got a lovely fat lip to show for it.  I'm going to miss it when Sammy is too big to sit on the kitchen counter while I cook. 
 And finally, a picture of B and Sammy reading together because there is not really anything more adorable.

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