Sunday, January 6, 2019

April Part I

April 1 was Easter this year.  
 It was also general conference.  This is how we watch conference: baskets of Easter goodies and art supplies scattered all over the room.  General Conference is one of our favorite events of the year.  Twice a year we get to hear instruction from a living prophet and apostles.  This conference we sustained a new prophet, Russel M. Nelson.
 On April 2, Sammy turned three!  Sammy's birthday wish was to go to the zoo and ride the carousel.
 He was a happy boy on the horse, which he named "Happy Birthday Sammy."
 Sammy's friend Liam shares his birthday, so we swung by his birthday celebration after the zoo.  The highlight of the party was the kennel full of golden doodle puppies.

 On April 4, Sammy had a little birthday celebration.  He wanted a chocolate cake with pink frosting.
 It was all fun and games until it wasn't.  In a classic show of brotherly love, Sammy beaned B with a block.  They were friends again instantly, but B got a black eye to remember the day by.
 On April 5 Sammy had a checkup.  He unexpectedly had to have shots, which means that we unexpectedly had to have frozen yogurt afterwards.
 Eloise hates having her hair brushed.  This might be because she is the only child in our family who has to have their hair brushed every day, but she loathes brushing.  When I asked the kids to imagine an invention for a homeschool assignment, she invented an automatic hair brusher that does the job faster and with less difficulty.  I was tired of the daily hair brushing struggle.  I was a little hesitant to cut her hair, since I just finally learned how to do cool braids, but she wanted it chopped, so we did it.
 We cut it so short! This was the look I was going for when I cut it, but the transformation is still a bit of a shock.
 On April 7 we went to Canada.  This was the kids' first time ever leaving the United States.  We went through Blaine, even though the crossing there is slower, just so that we could walk around in Peace Arch Park, where you can wander between the two countries.
 Spring has sprung!  The trees are in full glorious bloom.
 We didn't have a very solid plan for what we would do in Canada, so we found a park with a lovely tidal plain to explore, a playground, and tons of bald eagles.
 Then we went to a drug store to look for a Canadian food to try.  We ended up with ketchup flavored potato chips (*gag*), kinder eggs, and, for no apparent reason, none of those Canada hot pads or pencils.
 We meandered along Canada's southern border until we reached Langley Township where we stopped for a photo at the Vancouver temple before driving home.
Super Sammy fell asleep in the car on the way to piano lessons.  He woke up grumpy, but Sister Nielsen cured him with fruit snacks.  Even super heroes don't like to wake up sometimes.
Spring in our neighborhood is pretty glorious.  These blossoms are amazing.
Sammy and B worked together to make the newest addition to our family: a monster named Bo.
Studio East had a dress rehearsal for Rapunzel.  This was one of our favorite plays we have attended, even though we were really crowded watching it.
Eloise also had a birthday in April.  How do these kids keep getting so old?
 I will always remember this as the party Kyli rescued.  Eloise had made a pin the tail on the donkey game.  Jared made a competing pin the tail on the donkey game, stuck it on a different wall, and tried to lure people away from Eloise's game to play his.  The conflict between the two of them was getting heated when Kyli emerged from the sun room with a third pin the tail on the donkey game that she had made.  Suddenly the tension evaporated.  Jared and Eloise realized that more games means less waiting for turns, and everyone had a great time.
Eloise's birthday wish was to go to a trampoline place and jump like crazy.  
 So that is what we did. 
 It wouldn't be an Eloise party if everyone didn't go a little nuts. 
Happy birthday, goofy girl!

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